9 July

Phew, what a week!
I cant even remember everything that has happened. first of all, yes, its still very hot, and this heat just takes away all your energy. It was actually so hot that my bike helmet melted! I took some pictures but i forgot my camera, i try to remember next week, but yes my bike helmet melted. That has made the work pretty tough this week. We have to be out working, but no one lets us in during the afternoons, so we end up doing a lot of knocking without a lot of getting in houses. The good news is that we are getting English Classes going, so we were able to spend some time wirking on handing out fliers and stuff. That has also brought on a lot of strss though. It seems like kits impossible to work with the ward on stuff like this just cause it takes so long to get callings extended, so they just told us to get everything organized and planned, so we did. Then we ran it thorough with everybody and got ok’d, then we handed out 100s of fliers. Then yesterday in PEC when we reminded everyone they started saying that we should have done it on different days and at different times. That was frusterating, but all the fliers are out now, and there is nothin we can do about it.
The 4th was pretty cool, we are really close to a military base so everyone here is pretty hard core about that kind of stuff. On the 4th we had a ward breakfast, then a water fight! It was pretty fun, we were pretty much the main targets so after about 2 min we were already soaked so we just decided to join in. For the little balcony from our appartment we were able to see the high fireworks, but it wasnt really worth it.
As far as the work goes this week was a little rough, we just had a lot of people falling off, its been a little discouraging. But we did have a pretty cool miracle, we were walking through a parking lot and saw a hispanic guy, we started talking to him, he is from Peru, he has been here for 5 years, and he and his family are MEMBERS! He has been to church since he has been here, but his family was sealed in the Temple and his son went on a mission to OGDEN UTAH! So that was awesome, we really needed that.
We met the new President on tuesday, it was good, but we didnt really get tho know him very well, he talked for about 30 min then we had 5 min interviews. His whole family is here though, he has a 16 years old son and a 13 year old daughter. We find out about transfers today.. so who knows what’s gonna happen!
Is Utah still on Fire?
Mom- Yes, luckily we have AC in our apartment. That kind of weird not having the Fireworks at weber… i dunno if i like that. I honestly dont know what i want for my Birthday, i really dont need anything.
Dad- 2 Bear lake trips in the last 2 weeks, thats pretty good eh? that sounds pretty nice to me right about now. But same thing, I really dont need anything for my Birthday.
Andy- Ya, i kinda wish i could work out more too! But biking has been helping quite a bit. We have actually been using that door approach lately, it works pretty good with the hispanics, our main problem has been that there usually aren’t males in the house so we cant go in.
Jess- First of all, i think I’d like my face to go on Chris Farley’s body, if thats possible haha. But really any them work, Elvis sounds Great! About 1 month to go eh?
Ty- Sounds like you ve been getting into working on the car! thats good, How much is kirt gonna take off for the ball joints? What kind of tires did you get? Ya, so why all the new football rules? thats kind of strange
Well, i gotta go now, i ll let you know about transfers next week!
Los Amo

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