16 July

Its good to hear from ya’ll, sounds like things are busy!
Well, are ya ready for the Big News?! Transfers were on wednesday and…… I got transfered, Again. I’m pretty sure this has to be a mission record or something, haha. I think I’m just gonna send all my stuff home, its a lot easier to pack if you don’t have anything. So my new, if you can say new, area is… Frederick, Again. I got sent back to Frederick, but its actually a bit different nowcause the areas have been split. I was also called as a District Leader, so that adds a little bit of stress, but everything is going well so far. We are in the Frederick south area, its a little bit slower then the North area, but thats ok, there seems to be quite a bit of potential. I am a little sad to leave my last area, even though the last week was tough i still really like that area, and it seemed like there was just a lot of potential. So its been a pretty busy week. My new comp is Elder Ocasio, he is from Puerto Rico. He is pretty cool, we get along well. He does speak English, its actually his first language, but we are trying to talk in spanish as much as we can. now that the area is split we are on bikes everyother day, but i really dont mind it at all, i actually really like being able to bike. Today for P-day we played soccer, i dont know if you remember from last time i was here but the Branch President rents out the indoor soccer field for us from 10 to 12, and that is always pretty fun. The weather here has been decent, better then a few weeks ago, but still a bit on the warm side.
Mom- Its kinda weird for me too not being involved in football anymore. That’s crazy that this is your last year of being a high school football mom.
Dad- It sounds like you are quite busy with all this house work stuff. Hopefully Real can pull it off!
Andy- Hey i get to go to the Orials game on august 10th, that’ll be my first major league game too! 3 weeks huh? are you gonna miss cali?
Jess- How are the wedding preparations coming? less then a month!
ty-Thats pretty cool that you get to play linebacker this year, that my favorite position, you gotta be Mean!! When is the first game, and who do you play? As far as the peddals go, Kyle can have them, but… i’m not sure where they are… its been a while.
Oh, and im excited to see my new car when i get home haha, sounds like you are doin a lot of stuff to it.
Well, thats all i ve got time for for today!
Los amo
oh, my new address is
136 Willowdale Dr #31
Frederick MD, 21702
It should still be the same from the first time i was here


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