25 June

Hey fam!
Its good to hear from ya’ll!
It has been a pretty stressful week, I am not exactly sure why, but man, it was a stressful week! There have just been a lot of ups and downs. For some reason I just feel like there is a lot of stress on us, mainly from the ward, to get things moving. I dunno, its just kinda been a weird week. When we talked to Jamie last week, he told us that he changed his schedule up and would be able to have sundays free, but that meant we wouldn’t be able to see him during the week. So when we went to go get him on Sunday he wasn’t there. We were pretty disappointed. We stopped by after Church and talked to one of his friends that said he was working. He works for Chinese people, so there is quite a large language barrier, he thought he had Sundays off, but apparently he doesn’t. We’ll probably have to go talk to his boss sometime soon…. remember last time I went to talk to Chinese People about letting there workers come to Church? haha maybe I’ll have my companion film it this time!
We actually found another family this week that we are really excited about, and the good news is that they will probably progress a lot faster then these other ones. The other 4 families are awesome, but it has been so hard getting in with them.
I think another reason this week has been a little tougher is the weather…. man, its gettin hot! Thursday was the hottest day of the week (our biking day) it was 98 degrees, with 78 percent humidity. haha I am not built for the humidity. Just being outside for 5 min makes me look like I just jumped in a pool. Our door approach might as well be “hey, can we come in and sweat on your couch?” Needless to say the afternoons have been pretty slow, but its ok, cause we are gonna have a good week this week!
We had an activity on Saturday with the Baltimore Branch, it was way cool. It was nice being able to see everyone from the old Branch. They had some Honduranos come and dance, that was pretty cool too.
Well, President leaves this week.. its gonna be pretty sad. I’m excited for the new President though. I think next week we will have mini zone conferences to meet him.
Mom-It doesnt seem like Gentry and Jordan left that long ago. Jamies date is july 8, but that is probably going to have to be changed:( How is Grandpa doing?
Dad- Haha i bet the nap space is pretty limited at Grandpa’s. So are they taking down the Mapel tree or just triming it up? I hope not, cause that is the first project we are doing when i get back!
Andy-I wonder what happened to your e mail last week? So there is a pretty good chance that you ll get a job at apple? that would be sweet! So what would happen after that as far as school goes and stuff? So come on, whats the news with Laura? I don’t know is not an acceptable answer!
Jess- about a month and a half away? Have you decided whose body my face is going on?
Ty- Did you get pathy to pass yet?
Well, thats all for today
Los amo!


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