2 July

This week was a pretty good week. Sometimes it felt pretty long just cause the heat, but thats ok. The weather has been pretty crazy that last little while. We had a pretty nasty storm that cause a few problems for some people, not really for us though, but i heard that from the house across the street to Indianapolis the power was out, haha so I think we got pretty lucky. But that night it was pretty cool, I have never seen so much lightning in my life, and the thunder was just a constant roar. It was pretty intense, it started at about 11 30 at night, so i got up and watched it for a while. So what all did you guys hear about it? I just wish it would rain more during the day, cause it seems like it rains every night. i think its a lot better when you can tell people you are wet cause of rain, instead of sweat! 
The work is going pretty good right now, we have quite a few people that are so close! There are just a few things stopping them right now, mainly work. But yesterday one of the families we are teaching (except the mom) came to Church, so that was pretty awesome. They are a pretty awesome family, i just hope the Mom will come around soon. Its sometimes frustrating cause we have all these people that are close, but its so hard just to take that last step. And it has been pretty hard getting into houses the last few weeks, cause the European Soccer tournament that is going on, EVERYONE watches EVERY game! And they will NOT turn off the tv. 
We meet the New President Tomorrow, and transfers are next week. I have no idea what to expect for Transfers, so I’m not gonna speculate anything, but honestly, i really want to stay here, there are a lot of good things that are building up.  So last week on P-day we were shopping for food, and we walked past the Ice Cream, and i made the comment to my roomates that i could eat a gallon in a week. They didn’t not believe me. So, I bought a gallon of Ice Cream and proved them all wrong, I finished in less then a week, in fact i finished in 3 1/2 days. I ve always wanted to see how long it would take, but i think i could have done it faster, cause really my biggest obstacle was time. 
Oh, and just a little fun fact, Andrew George’s dad is in my ward, and he use to be an olympic athlete.
Mom- Ya its been pretty hot here, and yes, we ve still been biking.  I’m glad to hear that Grandpa is doing better! so where are all these fires at? that too bad about Aunt Amy’s parents house.
Dad- high adventure sounds like it was pretty fun! did you do a lot of boating? that sounds really nice right about now! Im glad pathy finally passed, sorry it took so much effort, how much did it end up costing? Pretty soon she’ll be brand new:)
Andy- Sorry to hear about Laura, but hey, plenty of fish in the sea.
Jess- Hows all the wedding plans coming? are you gonna send me an invite?
Ty- i’m glad pathy is all takin care of, arent you lucky you only have to deal with that 1 more time? Dad told me you did some pretty cool stuff on the rope swing to impress some chicas! atta boy
Well i gotta go now, we are heading up to the Board walks in Havre De Grace, that is actually where i was at the first weekend i was in the field, we did a service project up there, its pretty cool, and this time i ll remeber my camera!
have a good week!
los amo


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