18 June

Happy Fathers Day!! …yesterday
The work is still going good up here, its been pretty steady for us the last few weeks. Sometimes it is hard to be patient, but its coming. It feels like the work in this area is about to explode. Just gotta be patient. We are still working with those families, its been kind of hard to get in with the lately, but they still seem to be interested.  We really need families too, I think if we can get a few more families we can start up the Branch.One of the families invited us to the Orials game with them this friday…. that was pretty hard to turn down haha. The guy that has a bapt. date is Jamie. He couldn’t come to Church yesterday because he had to work (big surprise, eh?) but he is looking for another job so he can come to Church on Sundays. He is a great guy though, probably one of the most humble people I have met. On Friday night we got a call from a member that told us that they were going to have a party going to invite some of there Spanish friends. She sad that we had to come, and that we had no choice. It was very inconvenient for us just cause of the whole car situation, but we are glad they are trying to help us out. She told us that we would have a little time to share a message to a few of their friends. Well, about an hour after we got there, their friends started showing up, and it turned out to be about 30 people, which was a lot more then we had thought. So we stood up on the deck and everybody was down below listening to us. haha I felt kinda weird, I felt like some kind of preacher or something. But it all went pretty good.
Mom-I think transfers are the second week in july, I hope i stay too… but who knows. The New Pres will only have been here 1 1/2 weeks before transfers. So i guess there is a chance that we could stay together another one……………………. Tell G-Pa that said hola, and to get better!
Dad- Sounds like you had a pretty fun little trip! 13 hours is a pretty long drive haha. Was Apple everything you’ve ever dreamed it would be? How was fathers day? It is kinda a bummer that we cant call home on fathers day too. Those pictures comin soon?
Andy- Was this the week that Laura was comin to visit? Is that why this is the only week you havent written me? haha just kiddin….
Jess- Sheesh, a ring and a dress!? this thing must be coming up pretty dang fast. But that is pretty exciting
Ty- Hows summer? doin anything exciting? Did you get pathy to pass yet …. haha
well, i gotta roll!
Los amo


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