11 June

Its good to hear from ya’ll!
Its been a pretty good, productive week this week, I’ve been feeling good about the work, it feels like a lot of progress has been made the last couple weeks. We had some people at Church yesterday too, which was really good, it helped get a lot of the members excited. It was just a little tough cause you can tell that they feel pretty uncomfortable sometimes in the Church. To put it into perspective, imagine walking into a building with 100’s of hispanic people all speaking Spanish. But its ok, the members are trying to help us a lot. We also found out that one of our investigators that wants to be baptized finally got work off! so we are pretty excited about that.
We had interviews with President this week, man, it was tough. He said it was probably the last time we ll see him in the mission. He is such an awesome guy, i’m gonna miss him a lot.The new president comes in on like the 27th or something like that. I wasn’t able to go to Towson this week, we still did exchanges…. but my comp wanted to go, even though he has never served there. I was a bit annoyed. oh well.
We still have a lot of potential around here, we just need to figure out how to get the ball rolling. I was thinking the other day, its possible that i could get transfered again this transfer, i have learned to never predict anything, but im just saying that both me and my comp have been here the same amount of time, and its rare for a companionship to be together more then 2 transfers, but who knows, the new president might be different. Today for P-day we had a Zone activity, we went down to inner Harbor to play volleyball, it was cool, but there was too many people for volleyball so i played catch for most of the time. But on the way back we saw a HUGE fire, right in downtown Baltimore, it was pretty cool to see the Firefighters in action!
Mom- I did get some mail this week, it turns out that my mail has been collecting in Frederick for quite a while haha. So i got a couple letters.
Dad- Thats good you got the tires! what kind are they? Thats too bad she didnt pass :( i wonder what it could be? On P-days we usually go play basketball or something, not a whole lot to do around here, but one of these days we wanna go out to some board walks in Havre de Grace. As far as the Baseball game goes, im pretty sure we get to go this year, last year it was in August, so probably around there
Andy- Sounds like work is still going good, those pictures were pretty cool! Its sounds like things are going good with Laura too!
Jess- Welcome back! Im glad you enjoyed it. Sounds like your last week was pretty cool, and im glad the sea turtle said bye haha
Well i believe thats all for this week
los amo


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