3 June

Well, first of all, I am glad that my writing has improved, Dad. I think for the most part I was just lazy about correcting my mistakes, haha but now I feel the pressure!
It was a pretty good week this week, we have finally been getting some help teaching from some of the Spanish Speaking members in the ward. We still have some families that we are working with, which is really good, cause for most of my mission we have been teaching apartments full of single guys. And that is difficult cause all they care about is work and stuff. So we are pretty excited about these families, it just might take a little bit longer with them. The weather here has been a little crazy lately, on Friday we were out knocking and some lady mentioned something about a tornado warning, but we didnt think much of it cause is was pretty decent outside. Then about an hour later, out of no where it got all cloudy and stormy and stuff. Then we heard some sirens and stuff, and got a call saying that there was a tornado headed our way, and we weren’t really sure what to do cause we were in a pretty new area and we still dont know very many of the English members and stuff. But nothing really happened, it was just a big thunderstorm, I guess a tornado touched down somewhere but I didnt see it. But honestly I was kinda excited, I wanted to see a Tornado! Yesterday it was pretty stormy too, it was our day to bike, and this storm came out of no where too, within 15 min it went from sunny to Thunderstorm, so we got pretty wet. Its pretty cool at night here, its still humid, but a lot cooler, and there are tons of fireflies, we have been having fun decorating our apartment with them haha.
We have Zone conf. tomorrow, i think its gonna be pretty sad, this might be Pres. Bellistons last one, he leaves pretty soon. Its gonna be pretty sad, he is a pretty amazing guy! After Zone conf. we are gonna do exchanges with the other spanish Elders, so that means I get to go back to Towson for a day. That should be pretty cool, I’m excited for that.
We found out the other day that the mission office has been sending all of our mail to our old apartment, so that explains why i havent gotten mail for quite a while, so if someone did send me mail I have no idea where it is. We are going to stop by the post office today to see if they can help.
Mom- Yes, the goal is to get a Branch started up here, I’m not exactly sure how many Priesthood holders we need for that. We’ve been getting fed alright, but i think this week we only have one dinner.
Dad-Sounds like you ve been working hard out in the yard! So are you just not able to find any tires that size? or are they too expensive? cause if those rims are still in the car port you could try and find some for them too. I dont think i need anything else.. just the pictures! and i havent heard from any of my friends for quite a while.. but i think that’s cause all my letter have been lost in the mail haha
Andy- It sounds like its going well down there, so is there a pretty good chance you ll get a job with them? That would be pretty cool! How are things going with Laura? And for your talk on sunday, i Remember there were some pretty good talks in conference about that, I like Elder Bednars.
Well, I gotta go, have a good week!
Los amo


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