29 May

Sorry we couldnt get to a computer yesterday, all the libraries were closed, but really we didn’t even have time if we would have found some. We had quite a few appointments yesterday that we needed to go to so we didnt have much of a P-day anyways.
It was a pretty good week, there are a lot of people that we are teaching, and its nice cause we have had a lot of set appointments. So the work is going pretty well, we are just trying to help people progress, its still a pretty big challenge getting people to church, i swear every latino works on sundays. And they dont have cars to get to church. But we area working on that. Our ward is pretty awesome, they are all pretty supportive, the problem is that they dont speak spanish, so most of them cant really help us out. We only have like 4 guys in the ward that can come out with us to teach and stuff, but they are all very busy too.
We have seen quite a bit of little miracles this week though, just with some things falling into place. We have 2 pretty established families that we are teaching right now, that would be a huge blessing for the ward, so we can try and get our branch started up soon. Another guy we are teaching has been coming to church regularly for 15 years, but he still isnt baptized. His wife is a member and he has been coming to church forever, everybody in the ward has been telling us we need to work on him, and we have been, its just tough cause he already knows everything we teach him. We think its hard for him to recognize the spirit just cause he has been around it so much, so that is our biggest obstacle with him, helping him recognize the spirit. It seems like this area is just gonna explode once we get the ball rolling,,, we just gotta get the ball rolling first! Things are pretty much the same with my comp.
It has rained a little bit over here, but you dont really even notice with how humid it is, cause im usually just wet all day as it is. haha i hate the humidity, especially when we have to bike a lot, but on the plus side, people are a lot more sympathetic and let you in when you are dripping with sweat.
Mom- it sounds like you ll be pretty busy with all 4 seminaries! Thats awesome about Bryan, 12 missionaries eh?
Dad- haha thats a pretty cool dream! Ya, we still bike in the rain. Thats too bad about the tires, i thought with the new rim size it would be easier to find more, but thats good especially since i think its time to be inspected again! Thats too bad about weber soccer, but exciting for Real!
Andy-Sounds like work is going pretty good, you need to get a job with them after the internship so i can take advantage of all these discounts! How long does the internship go?
Jess- It sounds like you are starting to enjoy Hawaii more! its weird that you only have 2 weeks left! Thats too bad about the camera
Ty- I hope you enjoy this easy week of work…. I imagine that there will be a lot of flowers to pick up next week! Oh, and like i said to dad, i think the tags expire this month for pathy, but i think she’ll pass a lot easier this year, good luck!
Well, i gotta go, as usual its good to hear from ya ll, have a good week!
Los amo


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