21 May 2012

It was good to talk to ya ll last week, everyone sounded good!
The work here is moving along, sometimes a little slower then i would like, but i guess there isnt much i can do about that. I do like it though, i have learned a lot about missionary work from being in this area. Moving around all these times has actually really strengthened my testimony that we get sent where we need to be, cause in every area i have been in i have learned a lot of new things. Right now we are teaching a lot of people, but there are only a few that seem to have potential. I also just found out the other day that a inactive family that lived in Towson just moved up here, and im really excited cause i really want to help them, i only got to teach them once in Towson, so we are really gonna focus on them for a bit. 
The last week was a little bit tougher for me, it was kinda a slow week, and it seems like my comp is getting a little careless, at first he was real excited and ready to go, and its slowly been declining. He just doesnt seem to care about the area very much anymore, and its kinda tough opening a area, you definatly need both companions on the same page. So we ll see how this week goes. On saturday night i went on exchanges with the Elders in the other english ward that we cover, so we could meet and talk to some of the members, that was pretty good. Except that night i slept on couch cushions on the floor haha. But everything is going good, the work is progressing!
Mom- Well, we havent had that neeting with the bishops yet. I can’t believe graduation is tomorrow, school just started when i left!
Dad- What kind of stuff are you doing to the yard? thats pretty cool about weber! that would be cool if they took it. haha im glad trae and craig gelt guilty for not writing!
Andy- Sounds like the internship is going pretty good, and that awesome about your roomates wanting to go to church, good work!
Well i think that all this week, oh i i think most the librarys willl be closed next monday, so i dunno what’ll happen.
Los amo!


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