7 May

So did you get my e mail last week? i didnt see your e mail til this week mom, so i dont know if it ever came through or not?
Things are going good here, this week was a little different though. Tuesday and Wed. we had specialized training, it was actually really good, we talked about a lot of stuff that i need to work on. But that took up most of the day. Then on sat. we went down to the DC temple to see Elder Bednar. That was also really cool, so i have learned a lot of new things this week, but teaching time was cut down quite a bit. And with the meeting in DC it was our mission and the 2 washington DC missions. And i was quite surprised cause i saw Parker Norris and Conner White there. i had no idea they were in those missions, maybe i did but i had forgotten. So it was pretty cool to see them for a couple min. Probably the most difficult thing about being in this area is the car situation, cause that means we have scheduled days to be in scheduled areas depending on whose car we use, so sometimes it is very difficult to see investigators often, and i think that a big problem for us right now. But i really do like biking 3 times a week, i ve been missing getting exercise lately. Even though the humidity is starting to get pretty bad. Me and my comp get along, Elder scott has been out a little over a year. I have really been trying to focus on humility lately, i thing being humble is a very big part of the work, not worrying about looking good with your numbers and everything and having the right motivation and mindset for doing the work. One of my biggest pet peeves is when missionaries say we gotta get a baptism to keep my “streak” going. That’s not the reason to baptize! so that’s what i have been trying to focus on lately. But the work is going good here, we area just trying to get into a rythm with everything.
Mom- So as of right now we are planning on doing the phone call at 2 o’clock our time. I forgot when your church starts… but i think we can send a text sometime before to let you know, so keep that in mind. IM excited!
Dad- Thats sweet about the Real game, are they still doing pretty good this year? That cool that the jazz at least made it in i guess..
Andy- Thats too bad about the TT! so how long will your be in cali? three months?
Well, i guess that is all.. i look forward to the phone call on sunday!!
los amo


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