30 April

Well, what a week! but first of all, sorry about the confusion, Im not training, i just had to wait for the new missionary to come in so i could get my companion. But i am in my new area, Susquehanna! It’s quite different starting a new area, I have probably knocked about 1000 doors since i ve been here, but we are now strating to find all the little “pockets” of hispanics. And the first couple days were pretty hectic, we moved in with two Elders into a 1 bathroom 1 bedroom apartment, man, that was crowded. Then on wednesday we moved into a bigger place, it was annoying cause that took up a lot of our time. Im pretty excited though, the work here is already going good, we found quite a few investigators last week. Its kinda tough cause we dont have a branch or anything, we are part of an english ward and we have our own spanish sunday school class, and have to translate sacrament meeting. We also share a car, but i actually dont mind biking at all, at least for now. My companion is Elder Scott, he is from Springville, he went to school with Zac for a bit then went to Mapelmountain. The ward is pretty cool, there are only a few members that speak spanish though, they are way supportive, but a few more would be nice. The area i’m in now was actualy part of my area in towson, but the whole time i was there we could only make it up here twice, just cause we didnt have enough miles. Its cool being the first missionaries in the area cause everyone is new, but at the same time its kind of hard to know where to start, its like trying to take a drink of water from a firehose. Oh, and Elder Peterson is in my district, he went to weber high. One of the best parts of the week was the car ride with President Belliston, it was awesome to just get to talk to him and get to know him for a few hours. My new address is;
803 Almond CT #H
Belair MD, 21014
Mom- Thats good that you got to go help out grandpa for a bit, sometimes i just miss doin a little bit of yardwork! Ya, i forgot that Elder Burton lived in Pleasant View, he is was cool, he was an AP for quite a bit.
Dad- haha thats sweet you saw the Nitro circus rally truck, i think the movie should be comin out soon
Andy- thats pretty cool you leave soon! How long will you be gone? i hope its not too long, you are gonna be broke driving from California to Idaho every weekend
Jess- Im sorry Hawaii isn’t everything its cracked up to be, when does the term get over?
Ty-that weight lifting thing sounds pretty cool, i always wanted to go to one of those, tell murry i said hey. Why was Taylor discharged? Just tell him you are now in charge, he left. Ya, senior year is already here!
well, that is all for this week, it feels like there is more, its just a little hectic right now!
Talk to ya soon, and as far as the MOTHERS DAY call, i ll let you know next week, we dont know a lot of people here yet
Los amo

UPDATE:I almost forgot, Elder Bednar is coming to the mission on saturday and we get to hear him speak, cool huh?


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