Another Crazy Transfer Coming!

Hello all!
Well, im in my new area now!… and im actually leaving my new area in about an hour!
So, on monday i got the call that i was being transfered, we made the long drive across Maryland to transfer meeting on Wednesday. After the meeting i looked at the list and it said that i was going to Winchester Virginia. With Elder Foell, he is a pretty new missionary, but i like him a lot.Then President came and talked to me and explained that another spanish elder is coming to the mission (today) so that this was only going to be temporary. So for the last week i have been in winchester speaking spanish, and im not even exactly sure what my new area is, because it isn’t an area yet. I’m going to be opening up a brand new area! I just know the general area is Wintersrun/Sesquohana, Maryland. It is just North of Towson. I’m pretty excited, it will be a very different experience. Its gonna be weird cause this whole time i ve had in my mind that im going back to Frederick where everything is all established and set up nice, and now im going to an area where we are starting from scratch. My companion will be Elder Scott, from SPRINGVILLE utah. I think he actually knows Zac. But man, it has been a crazy couple of transfers, its kinda annoying just living out of suit cases. But its been pretty cool too, cause i ve driven across the whole mission like 4 times now, and i have served in basically the all the major parts of the mission, i ve served in 4 out of the 6 zones already, and this will be my 5th new area, that is usually how many the average missionary gets his whole mission in this mission, and i ve still got a long time left! So its been pretty cool. But it will be nice to get to an area where i can stay for a bit, cause then you can actually see progress from your work. So ya, its been pretty hectic the last little while, and im not sure what to think with this next area, i dont know much about it, but they dont even have a spanish branch up there, so i dunno if we area startin it or what? But i ll have a 2 hour car ride with president to talk about it all haha. Oh, and i just got over some kind of stomach sickness that i ve had since wednesday, so my whole time here i was pretty sick, but i still enjoyed it.
So it was kinda sad to leave cumberland, things were really pickin up, and actaully the day before i left i think we found the only hispanic in that place! But it was really unfortunate cause i left the next day. Oh and i found out that one of the guys we were teaching was a captain in the Arian Brotherhood prison gang. That wa pretty interesting, i dunno if ya’ll have heard about them, but they are pretty hard core! He has seen a lot of crazy stuff… but, he says he is ready for a change.
Mom-Thats good that you guys took a little vacation! how was it? I let you know more about my new area next week!
Dad- How did you like the vacation? Thats good about weber soccer. And thats pretty awesome that you are going to the jazz game! that should be pretty dang fun. when is it?
Andy- HOw convenient that you “accidently” shipped your watch to idaho……. tell the madsons i said hey!
Jess- aloha! The beach sounds nice, it has been really rainy here too. You ll need to send my some pictures soon! So what are you studying at school? Have FUN
Ty- i cant believe school is almost out…. when does summer start?
Well, i gotta run, president will be here to pick me up soon! But there is a chance i might be back on the comp in a few hours, so lemme know if ya have any questions! Tengan una buena semana! Los amo!


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