16 April

Sorry, I just realized I never posted last week’s letter, so it’s a bit out of order . . .

its good to hear from ya’ll, sounds like everything is going well!
its been a pretty good week, the area has picked up quite a bit now, we actually have some solid investigators that we are teaching! So the miracle of the week.. We were in the church for district meeting on tuesday (the only time we are in the church besides sundays) and the phone in the church rang, so we answered it. It was a less active member that wants to get back into the church, with his non mwmber girl friend. We have been teaching them and it has been going quite well, she is on date to be baptized. But we do have a little concern of why he is comin back to church. Cause he is gonna be homeless is a few days, so we aer really trying figure out if he is just using the church for wellfare or if he really has just been “humbled”. But a pretty cool expierence non the less. He lives in the woods in a “trailer park” of 3 trailers. one of his neighbers has a pure bred wolf as a pet, and one day when we went there it got loose and was just out roaming around, and it came right up to me and i started petting it and stuff, then my comp came over and it got all defensive and took a snap at him. it didnt get him, but it still was a pretty intense haha. And just a little side note, not everyone out here is a hilly billy (especially not sister Muller).
We also found 2 more pretty solid investigators this week that we have been teaching, We have pretty high hopes for them right now. The other night a member took us out to eat at an amish resturant, it was pretty cool, the first time i ve seen the amish people, but i think they were fake, they were using dish washers and stuff.
So thanks to Dad i have a pretty good way to start conversations with people, apperently ATK has a pretty big plant out here or something, so we run into a lot of people that work there, and its a good way to make a connection when you say that your dad use to work for them too. So the other day i was looking through our phone contacts and saw a Kaitlyn Bates, it turns out she goes to school out here, but she is in the other ward. I tried to talk to her but we couldnt really set up an appointment time, so thats too bad.
So we just got call out about Transfer meeting, im getting transfered!…. again! When President told me i was coming out here he said that i would be going back to Frederick after, But in the call they made a special note that i am going to transfer meeting, when it would just make sense for me to go straight to Frederick. And there have been a few weird thinkgs going on with spanish missionaris coming in and some leaving… so i honestly have no idea where i am going haha. But the worst part is that i left most of my stuff in Frederick and have no way to get it! Its kinda hard being in an area for this short of time, just cause we havee started to get something good going here, and now i have to leave. oh well.
Mom- that too bad that Bro Reid is leavin, tell him i said good luck! come esta su espanol? esta mejorando?
Dad- That good that you got all the stuff finished up for the shoot! so what kind of pictures were they, What were they for? By the way… i heard a rumor that payton manning is now a Bronco?
Andy- sounds like the mission reunion was pretty cool! You werent allowed to take Laura?
Jess- Its here! Good luck!
Ty-that good that you are getting pathy alinged, are the tires pretty worn? So are you pretty much the man is chrage at work now?
Well, i guess that is it! I ll let you know where i am next week!
Los amo


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