9 April 2012

Hey ya’ll

Hows everything going? Sounds like a lot of things are changing with all the moving going on! 
this week has been pretty normal, a little slow. In My “old/next” area there were two baptisms, i was a little sad i couldnt be there to see it,  but its ok. 
We had zone conference this week in virginia (the drive out there was really cool on small country west virginia roads). It was a good, but things are changing quite a bit with all the work. Apparently With Mit Romney being the representative or whatever the church is getting a ton of anti stuff. And it has been very obvious in the last week or so. There are a lot of members that are all shakin up cause i guess there have been some people sayin some really nasty stuff on TV about mormons. And we have had tons of rejections this last week, so the next 6 months are gonna be pretty interesting. President really stressed about turning this into a good opportunity though, cause people are interested in the church, we just gotta change our approach a little bit cause they have all been antied!  We had two service projects this week too, we helped a member with digging a foundation for his garage, its nice to just go outside and do a little work to get rid of some stress. And when he found out i use to be a gravedigger he said he couldnt pass up to opportunity haha. The other one was a ward service project in the ward, helping cut firewood for an old lady. That was quite the experience, 5 hill billies with chainsaws and axes in the woods of west virginia, it was actually a little scary. But it was cool, i felt like a lumberjack.
So i talked to a member the other day that use to come to our house (in north ogden) 3 times a week! He lived in ogden and worked for the standard examiner and would drop off papers to our house on the weekends.. pretty crazy eh? i thought that was pretty cool.
Well this is my last week in this area (i think), its been cool. But I’m ready to get back to the spanish world. Easter was a pretty normal day, we just  did the usual sunday stuff and had dinner with the Muller family, they are pretty cool, they are the main missionary support in the ward.
Mom-Thanks for the package, that is a lot of candy:) thats good you got to spend some time with grandpa! so he is puttin sod on all of the garden? and yes, we are on daylight savings time too
Dad- How was your birthday!? I think you should take another moab trip! when did you get back? haha ya, the oh brother where art thou experience was one of the coolest experiences i ve had so far. Teaching in english has been a little difficult, but i think in the long run it will help me, and help the spanish. ya out here spring is pretty cool, everything is so green, especially out here, and yes, quite humid, its gonna be a rough summer cause i ll be on a bike in frederick.
Andy- Sounds like a pretty stressful semester! How long are you home before you leave? Is your woman staying up in idaho or going home?
Jess- Thats pretty exciting! Do you feel ready? We are probably gonna be the farthest away we can possibly be while still bein in the US.
Ty- How was work without mike? anything crazy happen? did you take advantage of it? has taylor left yet? too bad you caouldn’t bike very much during spring break, have you been going a lot?
Well, i guess thats all, have a good week!
Los amo!

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