2 April 2012

Wow, it sounds like a pretty eventful week down there! A lot of stuff going on. It’s weird how everyone is now talking about girlfriends and stuff, its a big change! but i like to hear about it , its good to be up to date on everything.
As for here things are going pretty good, we had a pretty good week! We found 5 new investigators,  and one of them is on date for April 14! Which is good, but we are a little hesitant, for some reason we aren’t sure how commited she is, but we ll find out this week, hopefully everything goes well.  Ya know how i made the “Oh brother where art thou” joke last week? well guess what, the other day we walked into someones trailer and it was playing! i thought that was one of the coolest experiences i ve had on my mission, watching oh brother where art thou with a bunch of hill billies, but of course we didnt really watch it, just saw a couple seconds of it. But i thought it was strange, i wouldn’t think that it would even be funny to them, its just life. Another kinda funny situation, we were at dinner with a member and he started talkin about all the pigeons that he use to have around, and i asked how he got rid of them, and he said ‘i gave them birth control’. And he was serious about it, so apperently there is pigeon birth control out there somewhere, dad, maybe you ll have to look into crow birth control. But all in all its going food out here, the area is starting to pick up. Im glad i got to come experience the english hill billy world. How’d ya ll like conference? i thought it was pretty good this year, a lot of good talks! After the priesthood session when we were driving homw my companion told me that i dont have a very good singing voice… just when i thought i was starting to get the hang of it, and get more confident… now back to humming! haha
We had a pretty cool lesson last night with a less active, i really like working with less actives, the lessons seem a lot more spiritual. But it was one of the most spiritual lessons we have had, he just feels like God doesn’t love him, and he doesn’t belong in the church, it took a while to really  get down to everything, but i still think there is more holdin him back.
Mom-Thats pretty cool about shane’s call! tell him i sad congrats! and tell grandpa i said hey. I got the medacine.. i dunno how it got here but it came in the mail? Thats cool that murray is an assistant prinipal now, anyone know why bell was fired? My cleats are wihite… not sure where they’d be.. but its ok, dont worry about it. as far as other things just that hand book thing i mentioned a couple weeks ago, and CD’s are always nice! thanks!
Dad- Happy Birthday! Hopefully you dont spend it in moab! I bet its pretty packed down there right now.. and its just gonna get worse until easter weekend! I bet there are some pretty sweet jeeps down there. take pictures for me! any birthday plans?
Andy- well sounds like you had a great weekend! She sounds pretty cool, when is her sister gonna write me?:) when do you head down to cali?
Jess- all ready to go?!
Ty- have they picked captains yet? how are they doin it this year? Ya, i remember workin during the holidays, is mike gonna take his annual easter trip? haha high school relationships….
Well, thats all for this week, i hope ya ll have another good week!
Los amo

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