From “Hood” to “Hill Billy”

So, i have a surprise… i got emergency transferred! One of the other missionaries went home, and president didnt want to have two companionships of three, so i got transferred for the rest of this transfer, then i ll be going back to Frederick. But.. The other missionary was an english missionary, so.. yes i am doing english work for the next month, i kinda have mixed feelings on it. i just dont wanna lose my spanish! but its good working english to see what it is like. My new area is Cumberland maryland. It is the absoulte farthest place away from anything, we live with another set of missionaries, but besides that, the next closest ones are 80 miles away haha. it actually a cool place, its like a mountain town, but it is full of hill billies! Most of our area is actually in West Virginia, we spend quite a bit of time in keyser West Virginia, and we actually cover some of pensilvania too. It is very different, and when i say hill billies… i mean actual hill billies, drivin 20 min on a dirt road to get to there trailer, having a hard time seeing the trailer with all the piles of old cars and crap everywhere, we talked to a guy named Gizmo, and some people out here still use out houses, its kinda cool to be able to experience stuff like this though, but im just glad i ll be going back to spanish work. My comp is Elder Donley, from Washington state, he is pretty cool, he is a little down right now just cause this area is kinda tough, and most of the investigators have R-U-N-N-O-F-T in the last week. The people here aren’t very receptive, there are A LOT of other churches here, and tons of “bashers”. The other day we contacted a guy and were talking to him, the it started to get a little contentious, so we were trying to get out of there, but he wouldnt let us go, then he started really laying into us, so i smiled and told him to have a good day and that really made him mad! so naturally, the madder he got the more i smiled, and the more i smiled the madder he got, so it was kinda an endless cycle until we left. I’m just glad i was on the otherside, even though i was very frusterated, i’m not even sure where the smile came from. oh, and someone told us the other day that we had horns, i didnt think people actually believed that, but she was very serious about it.
the weather here has been pretty hot! 85 degrees, and the other day it was 100 percent humidity! On saturday we had a pretty heavy rain storm, the streets had like two inches of water on top. But everything is going good here, im excited to be here for the next month!
Dad- What kind of jobs do you have goin on right now? And what are you thinkin about that job retraining thing?
mom- Thanks for takin care of the taxes! I hope your birthday was good! I cont belive Brocks baby was already born!? that was fast! Thanks for sendin the package… hopefully i ll have someway of gettin it.. but if not i ll be ok until i get back to Frederick.
Andy-When do you leave for Cali again? and for how long? Just be careful with Laura, President always says “keep daily contact with your investigators, or you ll lose them!” I think that applies for you right now haha. And yes, in a trio you feel like the MOB, 3 is a crowd
Jess- Sheesh, three weeks, you better send me some good pictures! I am so excited for conference this weekend! With your scooter you can just put some good gas in it mixed with carb cleaner, and hopefully it ll clean it out.
Ty- Hows the love life goin?
Well, that is the news for this week! Thanks for writing!
Los amo!


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