19 March

it sounds like everyone is doing pretty good! We had a pretty good week this week! As far as “numbers” go, its been the best week i ve had. We have 2 really solid people on date for april 7, They seem very very solid, but i learned in my last area that it can turn aound in the blink of an eye. We also have 3 others that are close, but its been a little hard tryin to get appointments with them the last couple days. So the work here is going pretty good. The biggest tool we have here are the english classes, there are tons of people at the english classes, about 25 people come. But its quite different working through the english classes, the approach is way different. The english classes are used to meet the people and build there trust, and then after a while we start teaching them. I really like the english classes though, it feels good to just HELP the people. We had our first little graduation check point for them a couple days ago (its split into 4 parts). It was cool, cause they were all so excited to graduate, cause for a lot of them its the only “Graduation” they have ever had.
The companionship is goin alright, its still pretty tough trying to get use to 2 new companions, and i still feel like the third wheel. But somethin might change soon, there is a rumor that something happened with one of the other spanish elders in the mission, so we might be gettin split up soon, very soon, and we aren’t quite sure who will be leaving…..
So i found out that every other p day a member from the  branch rents out an indoor soccer field for two hours, and we just got done playing, it was sweet! it’s been a while since i have played a game like that! but, it’s kinda hard in tennis shoes. Oh, and the weather here has been in the high 70’s lately… even with that, all i do is sweat, its gonna be a rough summer.
Mom- HAPPY BIRTHDAY (saturday) Im not quite sure on the rules with the hunts coming, but i ll find out. oh, and i have a favor.. since you havent sent that package yet, would it be possible if you could send my indoor soccer cleats too? if you cant find them its ok, i think they are in my room? but who knows.
Dad-the food is actually a lot better here too, still hispanic food… but not as much sea food and stuff. That sweet the jazz beat the lakers! and its good to know that real will be good this year, now i can have something to use when the hispanics make fun of me from being from utah!
Andy- haha sounds like the drama keeps getting worse! But things are getting better at the same time ;) ;) so her sister is 17 eh? where is she from? i ll be avalible september 2013. But yes, i have also noticed a huge difference working with members, and building that trust.
Jess- How much longer!?
Ty-Ya, i imagine work is getting pretty busy, just wait til may! Keep fighting for sarah!
well, that is all, im running out of time! Bye
los amo!

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