12 March – First From Frederick

Sheesh, it sounds like i am missing out on a lot of stuff back there! Everyone and their dating! It sounds like im gonna be the only single one in the family! but i think its kinda funny though.
Things are going pretty good in Frederick, its so different then Towson. The people are a lot more “established”. Its a lot more families. I really miss being in the city and all that stuff down there, but as far as the missionary stuff, Frederick is a lot better. Our branch is really cool too, in towson i felt like the whole branch was just investigators and stuff, but here the members are solid and know there stuff. And we get fed A LOT more, in towson we were lucky to get one meal a week, here its strange not to get one a day! So we are waiting for a new elder to come that had to get his tonsiles out, but we just heard that his appointment is even until april 5th, so this trio might be for a while. I kinda feel like the “3rd wheel” Just cause elder gill and rose have been together for 2 transfers and mesh really good, so im still trying to get all that figured out, but i really do like it for the most part, they are both good missionaries and we all get along pretty well. Oh, i have kinda bad news, we e mail at the library and they have a time limit, so my letters might not be as long until i can learn how to type faster! This morning we went to a members house with district to help with a service project, and then after we went to another members house to play around. It is so cool, its like that place we went for youth conference that has all those rope courses and stuff. We couldnt do that, but we are gonna try and get permissioin for Pres to do all that, but we played indoor soccer, street hockey, and basketball, its the funnest house i have ever seen. Oh, and another perk about Frederick is that we have the newest car in the mission, its a subaru legacy, its quite nice, but as soon as the new elder comes we ll be biking every other day.
Mom- Yes i ll be working in the same area, right now we have two areas. Elder Gill is 1 transfer older then me
Dad- I do miss the city! but hey, maybe i ll get transfered back to the city someday. Im jealous about moab… you should have takin your bike!
Andy- haha it seems like you have a lot of options… sounds like girls are pretty pushy up there! 11 hours of church? dang!
Jess- One of my zone leaders is from hawaii… he says everyone is lazy haha
Ty- CONGRATULATIONS su primero beso! is she your girlfriend now!? It sounds like you were pretty open with telling everyone about it. thats cool about your band to, someone will have to record you guys for me. and dang… 90 tardies..
Well, thats all the time for this week! You guys are awesome, have a good week!
Los amo!


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