Transfer News — 9 March

Just wanted to let you know about transfers! So at the transfer meeting there were two spanish compainionships there, but one of them was going home, and my companion and the other missionary are training, so when i was lookin around i was the only spanish missionary there that could get transferred so i was really confused. But i got transferred to Frederick! We are in a trio right now, but there is another missionary coming in a few weeks, so when he comes our area will split and be back to normal. My companions are Elder Gill and Elder Rose, i was in the MTC with Elder Gill, he is the one the aunt Lindas daughter knows. And he will be my comp when the new elder comes. Well i just wanted to let you know, i ll write more monday!
Here is my new address
136 Willowdale Dr. #31
Frederick MD, 21702
Los amo!
PS just another request about something i’d like to have it is called the pocket reference book for misssionaries, parents, and instructors. If anyone can find it i would appreciate it, but dont stress about it!! YOu can take the money out of my bank account, Gracias!

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