5 March


Sorry im late, but we were playing basketball waiting for the transfer call outs….. and….. Im being transfered!
I kinda have mixed feelings on it though… im excited to go to a new area and everything, but i feel like i know a ton of people here, and it still feels likek our area is about to “take off”, but im excited to see where i go! So its been kinda a strange day, i ve already started to pack a bit, i hate packing. i dont even know where to start! But i ll let you know next week where i end up. This week was good, we ve been doing pretty good about teaching a lot of lessons, and we have been finding a lot of new people, but they are all a little rough around the edges. With the way we are taught to teach, it seems like we thin out the prepared from the unprepared pretty fast, and i have mixed feelings about that. Nothing really exciting last week, but i have a pretty cool story about a guy in our branch. So this guy came to church one week with an ankle bracelet on and told everyone he was bein deported  that week, but then the next week he was at church, and when we asked what happened he said that when he was waiting at the air port he just took off running… and he got away! Pretty heroic eh? but then about 2 months later he got caught again, and now he is gone:( But hey, he fought pretty hard.
Mom-the seminary talent show seems like it would be pretty fun! I still haven’t put much effort into cooking.. thats pretty exciting about all the calls!
Dad- We didnt have a winter at all, one day of snow and only 1 inch. Im jealous you get to go to moab.. you should stay down there til easter!
Andy_Congrats on the contest! are you gonna take that girl out again? Our president wants us to mention baptism as soon as we can, and mention it as often as we can.
Jess-I like the hair! You too mom
Ty- hows the band goin?
Well, thats about it, next week i ll let ya know where im at!
Los amo

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