27 February

It was good to hear from ya ll today!Things are going pretty good here, it seems little we are getting a ton of pressure from President Belliston lately though. Its a good thing, but just a little different. We had a pretty good week, we taught a lot of lessons and found some new people, so we are hoping for a bit of a turn around soon! My english exchange was pretty good, i learned a lot. It is different teaching englich people, but we also taught a guy from africa that speaks french, but speaks pretty good english too. The work is quite different from spanish to english though. Especially the people in Baltimore, it acutally quite interesting. A lot of strange crazy people over here, but i learned that you cant judge anyone by there looks, or there houses. One of the biggest differences though is just the amount of people, there are a heck of a lot more english people!
In one of our lessons last night we were teaching a guy, a bit crazy, and he went off on a lot of different things, but probably my favorite theng that he ssaid was that he know that “satan is more powerful then the devil”. We asked him about it but he wasn’t quite sure how to explain it. We had reigional stake conf yesterday, and Elder Scott spoke, so that was pretty cool, even though it was all in spanish.
Transfers are next week, this transfer flew by! There is a good chance im getting transfered, but who knows! so we ll see what happens with all that. I have mixed feelings about it though, cause i like the area and it feels like good things are about to happen, but its also just a really hard area.
Mom-Im glad to hear that grandpa is doing good! Aunt amy sends me zachs e mails, thats pretty exciting about shane! you ll have to let me know! and i ll probably need that medacine in the middle of march
Dad-Did shawn move to kansas? tell him i said hey. Im glad that things are pickin up a bitfor the business! so you are gonna hold off on the new stuff?
Andy- Sounds like you had a pretty busy week! it sounds like there are quite a few options for girls out there. That building at the MTC opened while i was there. and dont worry, we dont waste our time with the drunks.. just getting info from them:)
jess- Wow, red hair! YOu ll have to send me a picture, You too mom! I bet you are getting pretty excited for hawaii, it sounds like it would be fun
Ty- Im glad you had a good valentines day. Thats interesting about taylor.. but you ll have to teach randy and kev how to mow! is mike gonna hire anyone else?
Well, that all for this week!
Los amo!

PS, Can you believe that im at my 6 month mark? Loco!

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