21 February

sorry, but i guess yesterday was a holiday, but i can write today! i dont know how long it ll be though cause i am on wxchanges in the city, and we are at the library and have a time limit! But things are going well, still a little tough having success, but thing will get better! that guy that i told you about last week is actually really solid! We are working really hard with him right now, and so far its going well. I like being on transfers in the city, we had to wait 50 min for the bus, then on the next bus we had to race it to the bus stop for 3 blocks…  but we caught it!
this week has been pretty normal, everything is going well with Elder Pitt, i a\have another exchange on friday, speaking english with a zone leader. so that should be pretty fun. On saturday we found the best way to find where all the hispanics live, street contacting on saturday night, cause they are all outside drunk, and when they are drunk they ll tell you everything! So they tells us where all the other hispanics live, so that has worked out pretty well for us.
We are starting to spend a lot of time getting english classes organized, it is something that pres. Belliston wants us to start doing so we are putting a lot of time into that.
Mom- My maryland grandma is a little venezualan lady that we met the other day, but im gettin kind of worried cause we havent been able to see her for a while. That is pretty crazy about Jake! The weather has been just kinda chilly, and a little rain every once in a while
Dad- You could come pick me up in september 2013? thats too bad about the comp, is all the music and stuff lost? what else has broken? Thats pretty cool about weber state and weber high!
Andy- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! the intership sounds pretty dang good. How good is the apple discount? I think you should take that girl out… ya never know unless you try!
Jess- sorry you are sick… And thanks for the teeth stuff, i wasnt expecting all that, but thank you! its working good!
Ty- how was valentines day ;) ;)
And thank you for the package! The cookies were good, and i also enjoyed the popcorn.
Sorry it wasnt a very big letter this week, but im runnin low on time and i gotta write president, have a good week!
los amo!

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