6 February 2012


Wow it sounds like everyone had a pretty good week! A lot of cool things happinin! Winning dance competitions, students of the month, internships, and the super bowl! It didnt even feel like super bowl sunday here.
We had a pretty good week, we have been finding a lot of people, its just so hard, cause all the hispanic people here are only here for one reason, to earn money. 95% of the people we teach have just come the the US to earn money and go home. So work is there number 1 priority, and they all work on sundays and cant progress. So that has been pretty frusterating, we had someone at chuch yesterday so that was good, and 4 of the less active people in our area were there too, so we were pretty excited about that. Things are going better with my comp, he is a hard worker and we are getting a lot accomplished, so thats good. We had a branch activity on saturday, we went into the city and handed out cards and tried to get referalls and stuff with our branch, only two families showed up but it went well. It made me a little more grateful for the MTC though, cause it was a little scary to see some of the approches that some of the members were making to people on the street. Yesterday we went and visited a family that just moved in that lives in our area but like 45 min away so we cant go up there very often, but it was good, cause they haadnt been to church or been around members in a long time, and they were happy to see us, it was nice to go to a house full of people that were happy we were there! 
Mom-We have a few investigators that are close, but we are still workin with them. I ve been cooking a little bit more now, corn dogs, hot dogs, oatmeal, and taquitos! Thats cook about kaden, you know that is Jordan grills mission too
Dad- Im glad to hear about the new job stuff is going well, im glad weber beat fremont!  and how dare you say that about larsen! We went running the other day too, its been a while, i gotta get back on that too!
Andy- Thats awesome about the intership, I ll be prayin for ya! Why were up up so late!? it was like 5 am
Jess- haha congrats on the competition! 25 buck of itunes money is pretty good!
Ty- you didnt tell me you were student of the month! And it sounds like you are getting pretty strong, 350 is a pretty dang good squat, my legs are getting small:(
Pues, creo que esto es todo,
Les amo!

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