30 January

NOTE: Sorry I’ve been so inconsistent keeping this blog up to date. I will do better. -Andy

So elder martines got transfered, but he is still in my district, and is actually companions with my MTC companion, so both my old comps are in my district. I ve decided the best thing about transfers is that is makes you realize how much you liked your old compainion. My new comp is elder pitt, he went to viewmont. He is cool, his dad is the mission pres in the mission right next to us. Its been an alright week, we had quite a few lessons, but like always we are struggling getting people to church. We had an activity in our branch on saturday, we watch a movie called 17 miracles. It turned out pretty good, and that movie is awesome, you guys should watch it if you havent already seen it. Its about the pioneers. We found quite a few new people this week that seem pretty solid, so we are hoping for some good things to come up! So it turns out that sometimes the spanish elders do go english, one of the spanish elders got switched to english speaking for a while, and he lives in my apartment. So im now the only one living in my apartment that was there when i got there. The spanish is coming along, its still kinda tough to learn fast while living in america, but its coming, and i think this transfer will be good for me cause both me and my comp are learning, i dont have the insurance of knowing that elder martinez can understand everything
Mom- So with the aderol, i finally found a pharmacy that had aderol, but they said this is the only time i can fill it without havin a perscription from a maryland Dr. So… its not illigal to send it through the mail right? The 40 $ from right aid was the ATM, how is my accout lookin? Thats too bad about the fire.. sounds like it was pretty bad!
Dad- Im glad things are moving along with this job thing, what do you think you are gonna do? Any big plans for super bowl sunday?
Andy- sounds like you are still busy! But its good that you still have time to go on a few dates!
Jess- I ve always wanted to go to the circus.. Ho0w long does it take to make the cases?
Ty- Ya i thought the same thing about the kids in the auto classes, tell hedgepeth i said hey. and maybe show him the bumpers too, i dont think he ever saw the finished product.
Well, i think thats it for this week
Los amo

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