13 February


 Things are going about the same, we are doing a lot of findin and stuff, but still havin some trouble finding people that are ready. The companionship is going good, we are starting to get use to each other now. It feels like our area is so close to “taking off” but for some reason it just hasn’t happened yet. Our area has the name, “the test of faith”. We are trying to change that, and its gonna change soon! The spanish is still coming, im still havin trouble learning other words other then words about the gospel. But i feel very confident with talking to people now.
We had a pretty cool experience the other day, we went to teach a less active member, and we wanted to talk to him about the melkezdek priesthood, and setting goal for this year. So we started off by talking about the oath and covenant of the priesthood, but right when we started his friend walked in that doesn’t know anything about our church. So i was thinkin it was gonna be a weird for him to hear us talkin about the oath and covenant, but it went well and he even read with us. Then we started talking about goals, and the less active member said he want to go to the temple this year, so we helped him set goals for that, then we asked his friend if he had any goal, and he said “well, i think the temple would be pretty cool too” Then the member said “Man, your first goal needs to be Baptism!” and then his friend said “oh, ya i should probably get baptized first”. So that was pretty cool, and we are meeting with him this week to see if its really gonna happen. So that was a pretty cool. But thats pretty much how our week has been, oh and i met a lady yesterday from Venezuela that im adopting as my Maryland Grandma.
Mom- ya its pretty crazy how all the kids are all in different parts of the country. Im pretty sure Hutch already has his call to like czeck repulic or something, he actually should be leaving pretty soon, i got a letter from jordan the other day, hopefully he gets his visa, do you talk to his mom a lot? Thats cool that mitch is tryin out that program, i heard they were gonna do sommething like that, there are definatly pros and cons to each. A ypical p-day is, study til ten, “clean” E mail, shop, Then go to the city, or play basketball or something
Dad- What kind of metal place is it? sounds like a pretty cool job, what happened to that one in southern utah? How are the Jazz doin?
Andy- Thats awesome about the internship! sounds like it ll be pretty fun! Award for the best cemetery shot eh?
Jess- Are you ready for Hawaii!?
Ty- The fog lights should be on everytime that the running lights and head lights are on, its probably something with the wiring, i didnt do a very good job on that. Good luck with the assembly!
Well i believe that is all, Have a good week!
Los amo!

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