23 January

So we havent heard about transfers yet, so i ll let ya ll know next week! Well it finally snowed a bit here, its been cold for a while, but we finally got about 1 and a half. but it rained before and was really cold, so everything just iced over, we had like 1 1/2 inches of ice/snow on the car to clean off. and its quite foggy today, but im glad im driving, cause people in houston are sketchy snow drivers! It sounds like you guys finally got some snow there too, too bad it rained so much.
We had a decent week, we decided to clean up our inverstgators a bit cause no one was keepin commitments, so we ve been focusing on the ones that we think have the most potential and then doing a lot of finding, we had a good finding week, 4 new investigators, so that was good. And we had another hectic sunday tryin to get people to church, we had 3 that were suppose to come since we did a little bit of cleaning up, and we had one show up. I was pretty desperate trying to find people to come to church after we went to the other two peoples houses and they couldnt come. We resorted to asking any hispanic people we saw… and even though none of them came, it went a lot better then i thought it would.
We had a pretty cool experience though, we went to teach a guy that loves talking about church but never does anything about it. When he answered the door he said “oh you guys should come back another day, im really drunk” but then we talked to him a little more and after like three min he said “hmm.. thats weird, im not drunk anymore, usually when im this drunk i try to speak english to everyone, i guess you guys can come in now” And we had a pretty good lesson with him, so the spirit is a great way to avoid a hangover!
Mom- I think i call Jeremy this week and see if we can work something out. YOu dont want to see my haircut, you’d be ashamed. It doesnt look too bad anymore, just really short. And i used E. Martinez’s clippers
Dad- Thats cool you guys got to go to the game, even though they lost, who;d they play? Ya it wasnt too crazy last night, but we are going downtown today, so that should be fun. I was gonna ask about that job training thing, whats the meeting about this week?
Andy- sheesh 8 1/2 hours at church?! thats pretty rough… but at least you are meeting women there! New tires eh? how much were they? Thanks for the advice too! im starting to learn that sometimes the people that LOOK like they are “too tough” sometimes are the most receptive.
Jess- Sheesh, three months and you ll be in Hawaii.. thats exciting, you ll have to send me some pictures! im glad yougot to go the the Jazzz game too
Ty- Hows your grill?
well i thinkthats about it for this week, have a good week!
los amo!
PS just a note for the next package you send, there are a couple CDs that i heard are pretty good, The 2011 EFY cd, i dont konw if anybody has access to that? and a CD called reflections of christ. Dont stress about it, just if anyone can find them. And im not sayin to send a package, this is just a note for the next one!


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