Estoy Tarde!

So yesterday was martin luther king jr day… Who knew? So the e mail place was closd, spo we are doing it today.
Its been an ok week, the same thing happened this sunday that happened last sunday… thats all im gonna say about that! We went to the aquarium last monday, it was pretty cool, but quite expensive.
There hasn’t really been any different things happen this week, its just a struggle trying to keep track of everybody. we have some good investigators but they just arent keeping commitments, so we are gonna focus a lot on finding for a while. Transfers are next week so my e mail might be a little later in the day. We think Elder martinez is probably getting transfered, but not positive. Its gonna be different being the one in charge of the area, but i think it will be good for me. im starting to be able to build stronger relationships with the members and investgators now that i can understand a lot more, i can understand most of what people are saying, but its hard for me to talk about anything other then the gospel. The other night we had a dinner with a a family that are members and the guy asked me why my face kept changing color haha, a lot of people have been noticing that lately. I cant keep from going red! So i gave my self a hair cut yesterday.. and i think i got a little confident, needless to say its a little shorter then i would prefer.
Mom- Im not sure if i ll be abel to see the bates again sense they are just barley out of my area, bu i ll see what i can do. Thats good that you all had a little party with grandpa! And yes, the photo album is great, thanks!
Dad- ya i heard about the ravens! i think it would bee cool if the won the superbowl… but i bet president wouldnt let us go out that night, it would be insane down here. haha i thought that dream was pretty funny. Thats scary about Greg! but the Jazz game should be pretty fun.
andy- Sounds like you are pretty busy, and im sure that church calling keeps you pretty busy as well. Thats funny about the tv, i guess now you dont have to fight about it with your roomates! Thanks for taking care of the facebook stuff. just out of curiosity, do you remember how many there were?
Jess- I miss ya too! so you leave in april right? what day? and what is it like for the semesters?
Ty- Sounds like you had a fun week too! haha i wish i could have seen it. With the oil usually its like every 5 months, she probably needs one, and its probably easier/cheaper to just take her to jiffylube or something.

Well i think thats all i have time for today! its god to hear from ya ll
los amo

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