Feliz Ano Nuevo!


It was a good week this week, and REALLY good to talk to ya ll last week! After the phone call it was just work as usual. That guy we gave a blessing to in the hospital passed away this week. But now his wife is pretty interested in the church, even though she has a few kids that have been members for over 30 years. So we sent missionaries up there. So we had a mission wide goal of 400 baptisms in 2011… We got 395! It was pretty close, but last year they got like 300 so it was a big improvement. And in december alone there were 63 baptisms, the last highest monthly record was like 43. So it was pretty amazing. Right now we have 4 people on date, we are trying real hard to make sure we dont lose them! but its tough, one of them keeps disappering, and he is way solid…. just hard to find. The other lady has had a very rough life. And the other two are two teenagers. It been hard gettin people to church the last couple weeks cause of the holidays, Most latin people party ALL night on the holidays and then sleep all day. Plus the fact that none of them can drive. We went and did service at the temple on wed. We just helped with the parking lot, so we didnt get to walk around the temple, but the DC temple is pretty dang cool! So yesterday about 20 min before chuch the branch pres asked if i would give a talk in sacrament meeting… I was quite nervous cause i didnt know about it and had absoutly nothing prepaired. But it went well, i talked for about 14 min ( i believe that is my new record!) And i think they even understood a little bit of it! haha
We have specialized traing tomorrow and wed from 10-4… im not too excited about it, its very long!
Mom- Thanks for the package! the pretzels were good! New years was also just another day haha, but the latin people love celebrating it! Just another reason to party. Oh and thanks for writing that note to Elder Martinez, i thin k he really appreciated it!
Dad- Who did BYU play? I didnt even realize it was already basketball season, probably a good thing i cant watch this year eh? are you guys gonna be able to see any games? So is there much hipe about Jimmer?
Andy- Headed back up to idaho eh? Thats kinda a bummer about new years. I dunno how everything is working with my facebook and everything, but a member said he added me the other day, so just excpet everyone that adds me! Gracias
Jess- Haha ya my comp always asks when he can have your address. For christmas dinner we just had some tamales after the phone call
Ty- Good job on the maxes! Keep up the work! Ya work is pretty slow in the winter, so are you Mikes favorite? haha sounds like ou had a typical high school party, everyone just mooches if they here there is somewhere to go. I wanna hear your band, you should record it for me! are you playing in the assembly?
Well, i think thats about it… Its good to hear from ya ll! i hope everyone has a good week!
Los amo

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