Feliz Navidad!

Well transfers happened on wed. Im still in the same area with my comp. But my whole district is still the same, which is kind of odd, apperently that doesnt happen very often. The only change for me is that one of the zone leaders is now an AP. Which is probably good for me, cause its the one that i went on exchagnes with and it went pretty well! Oh, and the AP that went home is Brother Godfreys nephew, he lives in plain city i think, he is pretty cool, i got to know him pretty good, so maybe you can talk to Bro. Godfrey!
Nothing too different this week, everything has been pretty normal. It doesnt quite feel like christmas though, only a few lights, and still no snow. It is cold but no snow, and its true what they say about it feeling colder then it really is here.
We have some pretty good investigators right now, its just hard to see them a lot, cause everyone works a lot, and crazy hours! But a couple investigators with some good potential. On Tuesday it is Hispanic Night at the DC temple, so we get to go to that, it should be pretty cool! and we ll go again on friday to do some service. And maybe a few more times with investigators. Oh, and i found out that we are teaching a gang member too.
We had the Brach Christmas party on saturday, it was pretty fun. There was a ton of food! It’s the best i ve eaten for 4 months! We sang Feliz Navidad with the Branch presidency, that was actually pretty fun, and a lot of people filmed it, so look for it on youtube haha. As far as Christmas… im not sure what we are doing, i ll be praying for another “Thanksgiving miracle” (But i probably wont pray as hard this time)
So with the phone call…. We are calling at 1 on sunday… so with the time change, thats 11 in utah i think (you may want to chech though). Im sorry! I honestly forgot what time your church started! So probably around 11ish, but reemeber that is 11 hispanic time, so it ll probably be 45 min late haha.(but seriously)
Thats crazy about the Bates! We are in that area all the time! I ll have to stop by, maybe sometime this week! But i ll only be able to visit them like once, then pass them on to the English Elders.

Mom-Thats cool that Drew Peterson is coming into the mission, i think that makes 3 weber kids now. So will hecome in next transfer? and yes i am very happy, even on the tough days. And i really like the 12 days of christmas thing, and so does my comp! It helps take up time during our 2 hour comp study! haha i like the Mr goodbar one today.
Dad-I hadnt heard about the Ravens game. thanks for the heads up! i think Ray Lewis could use some religon right about now. The weather is just cold, kinda annoying. And our area is pretty big, We cover cockysville, Pikesville, Even as far north as Belair, we actually go in to pennsilvania a little bit, but we dont have enough miles to go up there very often. I ll be more specifc in my next letter…. Or PHONE CALL!!! How we did the phone call last time is fine, with everyone there on speaker unless you guys have a better idea?
Andy-Thats too bad about the annual christmas party…. Keep bugging them about it!! When do you leave for school? I really like the music, its going mainstream over here, everyone wants to borrow them and burn copies! So, have you talked to Kenzies sister? She is in your ward, You are running out of time!
Jess- Congrats! when do you leave? you need to send me pictures! We will be on completly opposite sides of the country! It sounds like you had a pretty good birthday!
Ty- I forgot to ask you last week about the Band. what kind of stuff do you play, whats your name? i wanna hear you guys! Aas far as football goes, be a leader and an example, but make sure not to get on there bad side, thats how our team got messed up, so make sure to all be friends! Ya it gets pretty slow in the winter at the cemetery. haha sounds like a pretty fun date. With pathy, what kind of sound is it? There are thses things called bump stops, google it, and check if they have little caps on them, if not they make that noise when you turn, its not bad for the car, just annoying. But they are cheap on 4x4parts.com (i think)
Well i think thats all… Im excited for sunday! Cant wait to hear fron ya ll!
Los amo

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