12 December

So its already been one transfer! its crazy!
Zone Conference was good last week, it was nice to have one that was a little more relaxed. Right after zone conference i went on exchanges with elder nadybal in the city. It went really well actually! Everyone was giving us a hard time cause we are both greenies and stuff, but we ended up teaching more lessons then anyone else in the district, and put someone on date, so that felt pretty good to show them up haha. I also had exchanges with the ZL on Friday. It was really good for me, cause the ZL doesnt speak spanish, so it was a good confidence booster for me, cause i HAD to do everything. The worst part was that when i was with Elder nadybal my comp told a guy that we were teaching that we would come to his work and ask his boss for sundays off so he could come to church. and sense he cant speak to his boss i had to go ask for him. he works in a chinese store, so i walk in and talk to him for a min, then i go talk to his very asian boss, i said something like “hey we are missionaries and carlos wants to come to church this sunday, is it ok if he comes in a little bit late to work on sunday?” And then the lady yelled in her heavy chinese accent “WHAT! NO! sunday busiest day!” and i tried to convince her a little bit more but she just kept saying that. And then another little asian lady stared yelling at me too! it was very awkward, the whole store was staring at me. so i said, “well if there is anyway that you can let him have sunday off we would apprecitae it. I was mad, and i felt very bad for carlos.
But anyway, it has actually been a pretty tough week. We finally figured out what is going on with omar and veronica by talkin to the people we live with cause they wont talk to us anymore. apperently her sitsers have been telling her to stop talking to us, cause “she is catholic, dont let yourself get confused” That was hard for us, they were so close! but we are still going to stop by and talk to them in person about it. And no one came to church yeasterday, we had 5 people that were suppose to come, but no one showed up. We were very down last night. But then we were in some apartments and this lady saw us and said, hey, come in and talk to me. She then offered us some wine. but we had an awesome lesson with her, we got her to pray, and she was crying after and said she felt the spirit so strong! (and i hope that wasnt the wine talking) and then of course we got the bad news, she is moving to tampa bay pretty soon, and she doesnt even live in our area! she was just visiting someone. Im glad we found her and got her interested in the church and all… but i really wanna keep teaching her! we probably wont get to teach her again:( But when we were leaving we gave her a word of wisdom pamphlet, and before even opening it she said ” ya i know i need to quit smoking drinking. Everything went perfect! but im sad we cant teach her anymore.
Im a little disappointed inthe ward too. there is a kid that got baptized in Feburary but cant come to church cause he deosnt have a ride, and no one will go pick him up, i was VERY mad about that yesterday. So hopefully this week is better! and next week i ll let you know about the call, we arent sure yet cause of transfers
Mom-We do have a ward party this saturday, and the 20th of december is hispanic night at the DC temple, so hopefully we can go to that too. I ve only made camp out grunt.. it was good though! I got all the packages, Thank you! i ve been holding myself back on the toffee and pistachos, but its hard! and i will confess… i opened up my slippers… my apartment is a bit chilly! and im excited to start the 12 days of christmas tomorrow!
Andy- so we find out tonight who is being transfered, then only those being transfered are going to the meeting, but im pretty sure everything will be the same with me and my comp. that would be coo if you got that one in switzerland! Thats good about the whole blog thing! im confident you ll take them over haha. Hows my blog doing? Christmas contacting is a bit easier i think… but it deosnt fell like christmas here… no snow!
Ty- Haha that sounds exactly like Taylor haha. tell me when you find out your maxes! im excited for your senior year, you are gonna dominate! i wish i could see it. And with pathy, i remember her doin that last year, i usually went out and started her up 5 or ten min before leaving, start her up, rev it for a few seconds til she stays on, and then put the defrost on full blast, then she ll be nice and warm when you are ready to leave!
Jess- how was the B day?
Dad- how is the shoulder?
Oh, and thank the Berrets for me! they sent me a card with some money!
well esta todos!
Los amo!


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