5 December


First off im disappointed i missed the hurricane! i always miss that stuff, first i miss the earth quake , hurricane, and blizzard in baltimore, and now im missing the stuff in utah! thats not fair! Sorry im a little late today…. i was giving myself a haircut… that was sketchy, but it turen out alright! So i went on exchanges with the district leader this week, he is a spanish missionary too, it was good. He like to talk about himself a lot though, his companion is elder nadybal (my mtc comp). We also had a special spanish only zoneconference this week, the first one in over 2 years, it was good, especially sence the english work and the spanish work is so different.
Church is quite different here, this week we started  sacrament meeting 15 min late, and nobody controlls there kids, they just run everywhere!
This week was actually a pretty tough week, a lot of disappointment. First one of our inverstgators on date hasnt been able to come to church cause of work, so we told him to pray about getting work off. And he did, so the next day at work he had an allergic reaction to some of the chemicals, so he had to quit, It was a miracle!…… but.. then he was looking for another job. Found one. So now he is moving to Washington DC. So he is now gone. And omar and veronica, the people who just needed to get married decided that they dont want to get married yet. And dont want to progress, so we might have to drop them. So those were our christmas day baptisms. But we have soome new investigators tat seem pretty solid, so we are wording and praying hard for them. One of them was that drunk guy that was my first solo contact, he is doing pretty good, its just too bad he has been baptized in two other churchs.
So as far as Thanksgiving worked, we pretty much just got invited in while we were trying to teach, one of them was with a member, the other two investigators, they had turkey and stuff, but as always there were tortillaas and rice too! So my comp alwaya cooks all this mexican food, so i decided to cook some american food to show him what is like! so i made camp out grunt… but we ended up putting it in a tortilla… and it wasnt half bad.
Mom- still not sure how the phone call is gonna work. but i ll let ya know. And with the aderol, i talked to sister beliston again and she said try and have the dr fax the prescription out here, but for some reason i didnt thenk that was an otion. she said if you have any questions call her 443 745 6840.
Dad- Yes i believe the shooting at dunkin doughnuts was quite the hate crime against the cops  haha. all three thanksgivings were with spanish people. That is quite a long time to wait for the retraining thing, lemme know what they say! How’d you tear your rotator cuff?
Andy- Good luck with your interview tomorrow! And thanks for the advice.. i ll give it a shot! transfers are coming up pretty soon… i feel like i ve only been here a week. And we come to a computer lab in goucher college. I am using some kind of fancy MAC
Tell the Deans, Ashley Cook, And the wards, Thanks for the cards!
Well, that is all for this week, hope ya ll have a good week!
Los Amo!
PS sorry for all the mistakes, the backspace key is broken on the key board, typical macs

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