Its good to read all your e mails and see how everyone is doing! sounds like everything is going well. And sounds like Thanksgiving was good! Im glad!
It was another pretty good week. Last p day i went to look for another suit at good will so my nice one wont wear out so fast. I found a really nice one for 6 bucks!! But it was almost the same color as my other one, so i got a grey one too that was a little more expensive, but i averaged 18 bucks a suit, so that was good! On the way down to good will there was tons of cop cars at dunkin doughnuts (big surprise eh? Broma!) but as we got closer we saw that there was 8 bullet holes in the window, so that a little excitement!
So we went back to that guys house that i contacted last week, and he was really mellow and not as excited to see me, so i think he was drunk the first time i met him, at first i liked him better drunk haha. But then we started teaching him and his family and it was great! We had a great lesson and everything went well. We are seeing them again tonight so i ll let you know what happens, but they have very good potential. The only problem is that they have already been baptized, Everybody we teach has already been baptized at least once, and that makes everything very hard.
We have a few people really close to baptism, Omar ad veronica, they just need to get married, but they are awesome. Pedro, we have been teaching him for a whlile and he is also very close, his wife is a strong member, and usually we see him a lot cause he always comes to the English class we teach twice a week. We have been trying to get more people to church, but it is so hard becausse they all work on sundays, and if they ask for a day off or change in there schedule then they just get fired cause there a thousands of other people that will work sundays.
So there is this dirt bike gang down here that just roams the streets, and its actuallly pretty cool. they all have theses way nice (not street legal) dirt bikes and they just ride around doing tricks and stuff, no handed wheelies and i even saw a no handed wheelie, i didnt think that was possible! And then when the cops come they just take off through the allies and get away. There are also a lot of jewish people doen here, saturday night they are always walking around at like 9.
So Thanksgiving… The morning  of thanksgiving we had no plans, between 4-8 we had had 3 dinners… i have never been so full in my life… they were all surprises too, so i ate a lot the first meal.. and the second, and by number three i was praying that i wouldnt throw up. Estaba Loco! So i ve been getting a little annoyed with my comp lately…. he is getting kinda lazy, a lot of the time i have to deep him on track and reamind him of everything we need to do.. oh well
Dad- Thanks for being so patient and trying to help tux…. im sorry it didnt work out. Im sad, but i know you guys tried, and its probably for the best. But now i get to bring a pet rat home! i ll try and get one about the same size as tux
Mom- I get along with my roomates good, they are cool. Haha im glad you waited til after Thanksgiving to put up the christmas stuff. As far as the phone call, i think we just use members cell phones, i dont know what time though. I still havent made any food yet… im nervous. and we have been out of dish soap for two weeks so now im limited to items i can make using only a paper towell and my fingers.
Andy- Thanks for the music, i ll let you know. If you want you can use my coat if it fits? I was thinking the other day, you were probably a pretty good aMTC teacher, too bad you still cant work there.
Ty- With pathy if you start her up a few min before you go and let her warm up she drives a lot better in the cold. With the  lights, just make sure all the connections are good and tight, especailly the grounds. Sounds like the turkey bowl was pretty fun, i want to go play but its not allowed.
As far as christmas stuff the only thing i can think of is maybe slippers… but ties are good too, i duno, i dont really need anything, im fine with just christmas food!
Well i guess thats all, have a good week!
Los Amo

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