Pues… HOLA

Hola todos

It was a pretty good week this week, we met all the standards of excellence (except baptism) So that means we taught 20 lessons, found 3 new invest. 4 member present lessons, and 3 more people with a date. So as far as the work goes it was a good week! It is kinda of annoying though, cause sometimes people just disappear, everybody that speaks spanish here just lives with any other spanish speaking people, so they switch around a lot. For some reason on thursady i had a rough day, i dont know why but i just couldnt speak any spanish! it was quite frusterating! but Friday was much better, My Comp was on the phone with a member, and i saw some latinos so i went and contacted them by myself in spanish, and i understood it all! and they really liked that i am an american that is trying to learn spanish, so that was a good confidence booster! As far as the ward goes it is kinda strange, The Presidency is way cool, but we end up doing everything on sundays, teaching classes, and running meetings. And i havent even met the ward mission leader. We have like 4 people that are so close to being baptized, its just little things that are stoping them that are really annoying! Its kind of funny sometimes when we are out tracting, sense we are in suits and stuff, when the people answer the door they always look terrified cause basically everyone we teach is illegal, and they think we are from immigration.
last week we went down into inner harbor and the shops down there, it was way cool the harbor is awesome, and we went on top of federal hill. There is a missionary here straight from manchester England, so we made him lead the way! But we also went to lexington market(sketchy) and a lot of the shops down there, its weird cause nothing is a set price, you just bargin with them. we also saw fight too. So i got a pretty nice GPS from one of my roomates for 60$, so that was a good deal, and i found out that i am 2139 miles away from home, and it would take 30 hours and 45 min to drive home from here. Just a fun fact. There is a guy in the singles ward that just got baptized and he reminds me so much of Cody, its really strange how similar they are. And as far as Thanksgiving goes… for now my plans are Ramen Noodles and maybe a snickers bar. Haha, hopefully someone takes pitty on us.
Mom- Yes we work in blue light area a little bit, but they all lilke us. Some people have heard of the mormons or talked to missionaries before, but all you have to say is that we have a message about Jesus and they let you in without thinking twice! The spanish is comin, but in Dec 6 i go on exchanges with a zone leader that doesnt speak spanish, and we can only teach spanish people… so that should be interesting. In all there are 4 of us in the apartment, the other two are the zone leaders, and they speak english, Elder Buhler is from spanish fork, and elder Barlow is from Kaysville, He went to Davis and i played agaist him in football, ( He says i look like a mix of Harvey Dent and Tanner HInds, from davis’s football team) We get 126 dollars a month, and that goes quick! but i think i can do it. I still hear from a few of my friends, buts still nothing from trae, and non of my friends have heard from him… Thanks for the recipies!
Dad- Yes i have seen an ROUS with my own eyes! And i dont know if Bolar would fit in in baltimore… Thanks for the football updates! did fremont end up taking it? I can get a little info about football from some of the oung men in the ward.I am interested to see pics of the Basement! i probably wont recognize it when i get home. The bike is working great, and that was a dang goood deal, good work! And we drive a 2011 Malibo, its wimpy. What was that job you interviewed for last week?
Andy- The rules for music is just, reerent music that wont drive away the spirit, so even like transiberian orchestra, stuff like that, and its almost christmas time… i like that angels among us song too. I trust your judgement. Motab power sounds good too. Sounds like you are keeping busy with this website stuff! and that is a great fortune haha
Jess- That should be a good calling, you guys should come to the DC temple! we are planning a trip soon, I hope the hawaii thing works out, that would be cool. Congrats on the raise, any advice on a cheap way to whiten teeth?
Ty- Planet fitness? come on now ty… they probably dont even have big enough weights for you now! haha do you go everyday? With the cat at work… that sounds like mike haha. I went to that christmass tree thing too… its kinda boring, but its a break from school! I am gonna miss going snpwboardin whenever, how much are passes this year? any other freinds gettin them too? as far as pathy, have you been checking the oil and stuff? Bumper caps? and how are the tires? sorry, just wanna make sure shes getting the attention she deserves!
Well, i belive that is all for this week,
Los amo!
Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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