It was a pretty good week this week, it goes by pretty fast! We ve been in the “city” a little more this week, its quite interesting down there. At night above some ofthe street lights they have these bright blue lights, and that means it is a bad block, and if they are flashing then that means something went down in the last week on that block…… most of them are flashing haha. P-days are quitte a bit busier then i thought they would be. i barley have time to write this e mail! oh another thing about the city…. The actually have ROUS’s down here! i ve always thought they were fake. (rodents of unusual size) They are giant, and they are everywhere, even in peoples houses! My comp is pretty cool, he is 23 years old from houston, His mom is from mexico and his dad is from honduras. so he speaks pretty good spanish, but cant really teach it. So a GPS is a necessity down here, but i might be able to get a pretty nice one for 65 bucks from one of my roomates. it is brand new. There are a couple things that i need, but i have a hard time spending money, Groceries are flippin expensive! Most of the time i have to make my own food…. Cereal and ramen noodles. Any quick, simple good recepies are appreciated. I ve gotten dinner from people 3 times, but two of those times were on the same night, so i dunno if that counts! its kinda tough bein a spanish elder here, a lot of traveling and not a whole lot of members/support from the members, a few of them are really awesome, but most dont care very much. It was my first time at church yesterday sense last week was stake conference, it was also fast sunday, so i struggled through my testimony haha. On saturday we had a service project at Havre de Grace. its like a harbor place, we painted and cleaned it up. It is actually a realy cool place with a long board walk…. but i forgot my camera:( but i can get some pics from my comp. Yesterday i was able to see the last two min of the first half of the Ravens game, during a lesson, He was a die hard fan and the most we could get him to do was turn the volume off. But from my appartment if i look across the street a squint really hard i can kind of see the tv in some guys house, so thats nice to get a little bit of time to remind me of home. Also last night we taught a lesson to a salvadorian in a towel, a bit awkward. So the 3 people we have on date are Pedro, Omar, and veronica. Pedro is awesome! he just has a little troulbe accepting Joseph smith. And omar and veronica need to get married… but they are slipping a little bit. But we found 4 new investigators this week.
Mom- Thanks for the package! they will work great! as far as christmas stuff… i have no idea yet, but i ll let you know, i think i can get a lot of good stuff at pawn shops and good will. But things that you caould send me ( Not right now, just for next package, they aret a necissity!) Some ripped cd’s with reverent music, not necissarly church. My other hoodie, the grey plad one. Recipies, and some more pics of the family, some portable ones cause people wanna see them, and one of TUX. The trainging was ok, we only have to wear suits when we want to so thats nice. and i am not “growing up” im still the same! my knee is ok… and im actually sleeping pretty well… it must be the bed bugs. No thanksgiveing plans yet… Thats too bad about Jantz.. hopefully he ll get better and realize whatsreally important!
Dad- I heard about the BYU thing.. i have resoureces in the ward! But it ll be interesing too see with the injury! Dont worry.. The Ghetto is fun! and with the pictures im still not sure… to be honest i dont even have a whole lot right now.. but i ll get on that, we are going to the harbor today! HOw much did my bike end up costing all together?
Andy- The weather has been good, a little chilly at times, and it rained one day ( the day we chose to ride our bikes) Im already jealous that the resorts are opening up! Good luck with the internship! My apartment is pretty nice, it smells better then most that we have been in. Oh and my roomates know the Ahorns. They told me you said HI, who are they? and what is the address to my blog?
Ty-Where is taylor working now? I miss the cemetery! It sounds like they really like you talking in church! its good practice. It sounds like corb is really cracking down.. be glad that you are the leader though! Let me know how that leadership thing goes, Congrats!
Jess- any idea about hawaii? Anything new and exciting?
Well…. i think that is all for this week! i look forward to all your e mails!
Los amo!


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