Buenos Tardes!

Buenos Tardes!
First of all, im glad you all enjoyed going through my letters!
But i am doing well! I am enjoying being out here. The area i am in is kinda tough for spanish Edlers cause we can only teach in spanish and they are REALLY hard to find here. We spend a lot of time finding, There hasnt been a spanish Baptism in our area since Feb, but we put three on Date this week! so we ll see how that goes. I have learned hen you go into the city to always watch out for cops, they fly throught there at like 80 mph, and it happens all the time! In the MTC we learned how to speak spanish (mexican sspanish) but here most of the people we talk to are from el salvador of honduras, and they are a lot harder to understand, but im actually able to understand almost everything now, and my spanish in improving a lot! The city i am in is pretty nice, but we only teach in the Ghetto, Every appartment complex we walk into smells like weed, and we have seen a lot of drugs! i had my first experience with drunk latinos too, one guy kept saying i was really pretty, and he loved my blue eyes, then he offered me a beer and started bowing to me. so we talked to them a bit and gave them our number, which was a bad idea cause they called us about every 20 min after that for the rest of the night. For some reason the people here really like family guy, so they love my name, and they love that my dad is a dog, a guy in the ward calls me “Elder son of the dog”. We taught a whole family of 8 the other day, and it was quite intimidating. The living situations are strange here, usually there are like 8-10 hispanics living in a two room apartment, and its a mixture of all ages and genders. All hispanics love talking about Jesus, but thats all they like to do, only talk about him. The afternoons are quite slow, beetween 12- 6 we dont do a lot of teaching, but we teach about 3-4 lessons a day. We have special traing tomorrow and wed from 9am to 4 pm, i’d rather be tracting or teaching though. and i think we are going to the zoo today, we want to go to the aquarium but its like 35 bucks! but we heard if you do service at the hospital you get free tickets, so we might try that some time.
Mom- It is kinda a suburb of baltimore, i think… i did have to buy a pillow, There are quite a bit of trees, and millions of squirrels. The weater has been ok, sometimes a little chilly, but thats ok cause people feel bad for us and let us in when its cold, hispanics sure do hate the cold! How much snow did you get? I havent hardly ridden my bike… but we will at the end of this week, we have used a lot of miles on the car, we only get 1300 a month, and we have to go pretty far sometimes. I do know Elder Gill! he was in the MTC with me and asked me that, but i had no idea what he was talking about, but i ll see him tomorrow. I’d like to get the thermals that i can wear over my garments if thats ok, and dont send the boots just yet, we are gonna go to a good will store and look for some stuff, apperently you can get some good stuff for dirt cheap! We dont have a time imit on email so you guys can just send emails
Dad- They are doing some construction across the street, but i have no idea what. I really do like the bike, the shifters are great and so are the brakes and forks! Gracias! Sounds like the Ravens game was pretty sweet! apperently the mission pres takes us to an oreals game once a year on “mormon night” i think there pitcher is mormon. Thats crazy about Fremont, i know they would be good this year, how good was bingham? Im glad the dirt bike got sold, sorry it was a pain!
Andy- thanks for the advice! it always helps, have fun in Cali!
Well… i guess thats all…. i look forward to your emails next week!
Les amo!
PS i saw an R8 the other day!
PSS did you know bed bugs are real? They have them here!


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