Hola! my address is 507 kenilworth Dr T4
Towson MD 21204 you can send the package to my appartment!
The flight was good, i got a little bored though. My mission president is awesome, i love him already and he grew up in ogden. he also worked for the vault company that does the vaults for the cemetery! One of the assistants is from plain city, i think he is brother godfreys nephew too, Elder jones. i am in the city of Towson, just out side of baltimore city. its pretty cool, my apartment is nice, thanks for the bike! its perfect, a its almost put together too! My comp is Elder Martinez, he has spoken spanish his whole life, and english so that is nice!
We were at walmart and a hispanic guy thought we worked there so he asked us where something was, and we ended up gettin his info! so my first contact was because i was mistakedn for a walmart employee cause of the name badge! I ll write more on monday! Everything is going well, Im excited!
Les Amo!


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