Leaving tomorrow!

Well its kinda of a p day today so i get to write! not much to say though…. so it ll be short sence we talk tomoorrow!
I got the package, thanks! did you get my package? sorry i was gonna put 5 jolly ranchers in there but i forgot. So im not exactly sre whn i ll be calling, but my flight leaves at 9 45. so sometime before then! The elder sitting across from me right now is a native spanish speaker his name is Elder Cabeza De Vaca, In english that mean Elder Head of a Cow, Kinda strange…
i cant wait to leave tomorrow! Im feeling good and confidenT… for now. Im disappointed im missing haloween cause we talked to some one that went there and he said halowwen is crazy there, they had to be inside by 5! i got a letter from the mission that said i wont have acces to my luggae til wed. so i have to pack a lot of stuff in my carry on. well not sure what else i have to say…
Les Amo!


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