Last eMail from the MTC!

Guess what… Last e mail from the MTC!
Well this week has been a bit different, all of my friends from the other district is gone, and we are now the oldest district! My flight leaves at 8 45 and i get to baltimore at 4 45 (Baltimore time) I cant wait!
So about my knees, about 4 week ago my right knee started aching but i was expecting that, then my left knee started hurting too, i wasnt sure what to do so i left it for a couple days then i realized i should probably get it takin care of now instead of later, so i went to the dr. and he scared me cause he said it was probably Torn meniscus or OCD again… so i was pretty nervous for a couple days, but the results from the MRI said sprained ACL so it should be better within “6 weeks” but its not to bad.
Last week with the sister we had to take to the dr, she thought her appendix was blowing up so we had to go down with her, but it turned out it was just a stomach ache…. after three and a half hours of waiting.
Dad- thanks for getting the bike taken care of! I take picture in baltimore so you dont have to rely of google earth! anything new going on?
Mom- yes it was hard watching the lady talk on the phone with you right in front of me… Thanks for the cake and everything in the package! The cake was gone in like 5 min, but everyone said it was really good and thought it was my birthday haha I ll check on the calling card today and e mail you tonight. How much money do i have in my account? I cant wear shrot slees shirts cause my comp doesnt like them and we have to match… but one of my best friends that left to peru this morning gave me quite the sweater, i ll have to take a pic of it. I kept my eyes open for you while you weree donw here. It was good to see chaz for a little bit, im jealous he is already gone thought!
Andy- thats cool you guys got to go to the game! im jealous! even though they dominated NExt week should be a good game eh? Ward photographer, thats a cool calling…. have you introduced yourself yet to kenzies sister?
Jess- MOAB!!?? lucky… what trails did you hike? we ll have to take pathy down there when i get back so you can REALLY enjoy moab! Thats too bad you and sam arent in the same ward.. but it sounds like you guys are working it out? Whats going on with Hawaii?
Ty- im glad you think the same thing about larsen! does he treat you differnt now that he knows we are brothers? how d he find out? i cant belive im missing out on the office!
Aunt Amy- Thanks for the emails! i am also glad i was here with Elder Staheli, he will be a great missionary! The language is coming along pretty good, and yes i would like to keep getting his e mails, Thanks!
Well… thats all….. im not sure when i can call from the airport… probably betwee, 7-8… and i dont know when i can write you guys again.
Les Amo!


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