Oltra vez!

Hello again
Anyone wanna know what i did today? Well the regular stuff.. went to temple, did laundry, then i slept for three hours! then as we were getting ready to go to class one of the sisters said she needed an escort to the hospital cause she thought her appendix was going to burst, so wen got to leave campus! but i eneded up just sittin in the dr off from 4 30 to 8 10.
i dunno if i already said this but i have to speack spanish for the whole week,
Mom- if you havent sent that package yet, can you send that red and black long sleeve shirt too? thanks!
Andy- i got a letter from kenzie today… apperently you are in her ward! its meant to be, date her sister
Ty-congrats on the second tackle! work hard for next year! hopefully they dont switch up all the coaches for you! Now you can finally start working again! tell mike i said hi!
Well thats all my time,
Love ya ll!!


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