Less then two weeks! It sounds like quite the project last saturday, i wish i could have been there.
Well its been a good week, finally got a little bit of a change of routine this week. First of all sence we had those couple days of cold they decided to start the suit jackets all the time rule and crank up the heat. and now that the warther has warmed up it is very hot! a guy came and checked the temp in our class room last friday and it was 84 degrees, and i had to wear long sleeves cause my companion doesnt like wearing short sleeve shirts with his jacket….. He is getting a little controlling lately. Yesterday we had a surprise firedrill, non of the teachers knew about it and said they had never had one the whole time they had been there so natually a rumor spread that there was a bomb threat, so that was exciting for about 30 min. I was excited to hear about Zachs visa! but sad to see him go, it was nice seeing him pretty much everyday, and yes im jealous that he gets to leave. So through a little mistake with ties my roomates found out im am color blind, now the whole zone knows and i constanly being asked questions, its very annoying, now everytime someone asks a questions i automatically just say black, hopefully they ll get bored with it now! And for some reason we have like “hall monitors” patrolling the halls in the residence hall at night… kinda strange
Mom- I havent recived my travel plans yet, maybe today, if not then tomorrow. I am not sure about calling cards… The only thing for pictures in the MTC is printing them off in prints.. and i dunno if i wanna do that, especially sense its kinda expensive. We use to get mail twice a day but now its only once, after dinner. My knee has been bugging me… im not sure what from though. I ll write you an e mail this week about the medication, i havent decided yet. I looked for the Elmers last week but i think they were early cause when i got there at like 12 52 i saw chaz walking in the door. i see him a little bit
Dad- in your letter you said “wounded pride” about falling off the roof? i dont know why, that sounds like it was quite the stunt! maybe you need to watch a little more nitro circus. speacking of wounded pried, i dropped my tray in the lunch room yesterday… my plate of food completly shattered and the whole luch room look at me. That bike sounds good to me! im not as picky about it anymore. Let me know about the job! sorry they are taking so long. It sounds like typically Weber high with all the stupid parent drama, i think you are smart to stay out of it.
Andy-I guess you wont be in the same singles ward as kenzies sister, shoot! i heard about emilys camp out, too bad i didnt kno0w she was there! and thanks for the football updates! will i have to suffer through any more home games?
Jess- Do you know anything about BYU hawaii yet? Are you gonna be able to handle not being in the same ward as sam!?!?
Ty- I forgot to tell you that i never put caps on the bumpers, that should probably be done soon before they rust, dad should be able to help you if you need it, Hows the cemetery?
well that is all, if i forgot anything i ll send another one tonight! Im excited for the package.
Love ya ll!
P.S. Mom dont be afraid to pull an “Emily” when you come vistit grandpa this weekend! Smack pounder!


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