Hola todas!
Well i have a hard time thinking about what to say in my letters cause everyday feels the same! but i am enjoying it, i ve learned to like it. If you all remember i came in with the attitute of “just get through the MTC”… and that was my biggest mistake! It goes so much better when you make it fun and enjoy the MTC. Everyone was telling me this and they were right.. its all about the attitude. So i have been working very hard on not complaining about anything (even my knee). It changes everything!
Im hoping to be able to see The Elmers today. I ll go out and wait foro them for a little bit, hopefully i can catch them!
As far as everything is going with the district.. its going ok. There has been problems with Elder Mickelson.. Everyone treats him bad and it just makes him act out more so its just a vicious cycle that is growing. i feel bad for him cause of how everyine is treating him, me and him do compainionship exchanges a lot and he really is a nice kid he can just be a little obnoxious. So i guess the only thing i have thought of that i can do now is just be his friend, but i am open to suggestions!
Dad- I heard about the lions, what a surprise! As far as sleeping goes i am kinda having a hard time falling asleep again, but i dont thenk its from the medacine. It sounds like you and tux are getting some great bonding in! i thought that was pretty amusing, i am anxios to see what the dog run will look like when i get home…
Mom- We still play sand volleyball, the snow and rain just gives it extra excitement! It sounds like it should be a pretty exciting weekend, im bummed im missing it! Tell the Olers thanks! they sent me Dear Elder cinamin rolls! I havent gained any weight, if anything i ve lost a little. I go to the temple every wed. in fact i just got back! I ve takin a few picture.. not a ton though. HOw would be the est way to get them to you? im thinging of buying another memorycard here cause they are pretty cheap with the book store discount, could i send the cards home in the mail and we just rotate cards? And i dont really need anything.. but if you want take some money out of my account and get some ties, i could use a couple more of those PAISLEY ones that they had at holmes, but they dont have to be from there. And its NOT a necessity right now. oh and thanks for getting me traes address!!
Andy- that pumpkin is quite impressive… you ve made me proud! The singles ward is a blessing in disguise… your wife is at your new ward. Thats Kenzies sisters singles ward i think! Look for kelsey Bott! Thanks again for the football updates! Thats too bad about Steve Jobs.. i guess we now know why he resigned
Jess-You need to take advatage of not havin the boss at work! you could have some pretty “”enfermo”” parties there with that happy gas!
Ty- sounds like you had pretty tough job with davis last week! Your email made me laugh last week, sou said ”JV gets another shit at them”. But it sounds likek you are dominating, im excited for you next season! haha sorry about all the tickets… i was wondering how i graduated with all those unpaid parking tickets…
Pues….. i guess thats all!
Love ya ll!

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