Hows life? I ll be writing a letter today to answer questions and stuff.
Conference was good, i liked watching it in the MTC there was a lot of talk about missionary work! and it was nice just to get a break from the old grind! we actually got permission to stay in our residence halls inbetween conferences… but for some reason my whole district wanted to stay in the class roon anyways so we could talk… that was a little frusterating cause we are in there 47 hours a week as it is! But to top off the conference weekend we had a fireside sunday night.. and guess who the speaker was….. CHAD LEWIS! and i shook his hand, it was pretty cool, he is awesome.
Well i had my first really big language mix up this week, I was explaning about how the Holy Ghost works to an investigator, i was trying to tell them that the holy ghost feels like peace (Paz) but instead i said the holy ghost feels like fish (pez).. so that was kinda embarassing.. Ty, Have you been watching the office? is it any good? I have been very sucessful in my tie trades lately, i have quite the collection now, last wednesday i traded one tie for three good ones! and by the way Andy and Jess, those ties you sent me are perfect! My favorite is the light blue pinkish, paisley one, it gets a lot of attention! I probably wont ever trade that one though. The paisley ties are the coolest ones around here.
Mom thanks for the package! We are all enjoying the popcorn and S mores! Last night i went to say byr to Tyler Whitely and when i came back all my roommates were gone, actually my whole zone was gone! so i went into my room all by my self, sat on my bed and ate popcorn for ten min… its the longest i ve been alone for a month…. and i enjoyed it a lot!
The Spanish is coming along… i guess. Some days are better then others. Infact some days are really good, but i ve had a couple that are really discouraging. I ve gotten a few letters from my friends this week which is pretty cool! I still havent heard from trae though… he moved to Texas a couple days after i left, so im not quite sure how to get a hold of him.
With the trio last week i was just there third compainin making sure no one got killed and helped them resove issues… nothing too bad. Elder Mickelson (The tongan) still goes to bbed confused about where his chair is or why it just appeared there. Hopefully he can control his temper when he finds out it is me… cause he is 240 lbs! well i gotta go, i ll write a letter answering questions so it ll be there tomorrow!
Love ya’ll!

Elder Griffin with his cousin Elder Staheli


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