Hows life? Politics? weather? Im officially a month in!
Not a whole lot going on this week.. so i dont have a whole lot to say, i ve only heard from Andy and mom this week, i dunno if somethings going on with the mail or what. Did you get the letter i wrote?
I think the food is better now… or im just getttin desperate. The spanish is comin along i guess. im back to my regular companinon we got it all worked out. Tongan Still doesnt know that i keep hiding his chair. So yesterday me and my companion were disagreeing on the date, it turns out my watch was set a day ahead, so i have been thinkin it was a day ahead then it really was… who knows how long that was going on, thats what the MTC will do to ya.
Andy, Thanks for all the BYU updates and yes unfortunally i heard the game on friday, it always brings a tear to my eye. Yes i know about the patio area, its right behind my dorm thingy, we cann it Narnia because we didnt find it after like two weeks and it was right next to us, but it is very nicce back there. Im sorry to hear about all the set backs! I hope everything will work out for ya!
Mom, i did hear about Jordans call, thats pretty cool, im excited for him, and we are both gonna be able to speak spanish! If you can find out the date, and TIME chaz comes in, maybe i ll be able to meet him at the driveway sense wed. is p day. Im washing my suit pants as we speak, but there is a tear in them:( im taking them to the alteration place after laundry to get them fixed, hopefully..
Ty, you need to write me about the football games! i need to hear them from your perspectieve (but mom, thanks for informing me) It sounds like you are really tearin it up! Good job! Im glad you got to experiece tackling someone, i ve always liked defence better them offence!
Dad/Jess/Ty, No Letters this week? ENSERIO!?
well… i dont really have much more to say… but i have 10 more min on comp. so if you want to e mail me back i ll get on toinigh at like 8 30 for a few more min
CHOW love all ya ll


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