21 September

Hello again,
I didn’t have a lot of time on the comp today. I feel pretty luck, I got like 17 letters last week plus all your packages all the missionaries were jealous. Another thing to add to the list of stuff I need, besides DI ties, is my razor & the extra heads, I kinda want that one too, it gets a lot closer then the electric one, my hair seems to grow faster in the MTC. I got a hair cut today. She asked how I wanted it cut and I didn’t know what to tell her!
Dad- The MTC food is getting better, is just seems to much like school, and the fruit & veggies are nasty. Im glad you and Tux get get along now. Besides sand volleyball the only workout I get is push ups, and the Tongans shake weight (he swears by it). Im glad to hear my spiders are doing well, You can have the Pepsi money. Doesn’t Chaz come in on Oct. 9?
Mom- Are you positive I can wash my suit pants that say “Dry Clean only” It make me a little nervous. The language is coming, I just need to be patient, The cookies were great! Sunday are probably my favorite day. A lot more relaxed and Ice cream day! But its still kind of busy, Sacrament, Priesthood, temple walk, Interviews, choir (yes I am being forced to do choir) then Devotional, and movie time! The popcorn is a big hit down here, just so you know. Do you know if grandpa got my letter? Thanks again for the packages! Smack Pounder!
ANdy- Any idea why we are getting so many apostles thats 3 out of the last 4! The football game was a disappointment, but thanks for the updates! That would be cool if you moved down here, (im at the temple every ______ from ____) **NOTE from Andy: I thought it best to keep that secret :) ** The red cream soda tress is right by the laundry room and it smells like Cream Soda! Its really cool. Thanks for the planner cover, I really like it! And as always, Thanks for the advice!
Jess- Did you drive by when you went to grandpa’s? You never know you could get lucky! I saw Elizabeth Passey drive by one day when I was crossing the street! Sand volleyball is the bomb. We play every day. You talked about Heidi but said nothing about how its going with Sam? What’s wrong with your vehicles? I’m glad you can finally have a little ice cream, and the lizards name is Jerry! ¿Que significa, fuerza y acompane? Something about strength & company? No sé
Ty- I still am sad I missed the game! and yes I got invited to miss prep at 17. With the stereo, push the volume button in once, then use the buttons to find the settings that says something like “aux” or “aux in” and turn it all the way up. You can mess with those settings. How are the tires? Im glad homecoming was fun. I got a good laugh about the slip & slide. Ya that sucks about JV, but is sounds like they can’t afford to have you get hurt! And there is nothing wrong with a chop!

Love you all, Hope everything keeps going well! – Chow

Oh and thanks for the picture! It turned out good, hows tux?

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