Well hello,
Just a heads up i ll write a letter and send it today cause i dont have enough e mail time today!
I got all the packages, i got three packages within 2 days so that was cool, i think they only take like a day to get here! The MTC is going pretty good, im gettin use to it. bht the hardest time for me was last weekend, i really wanted to be at Tys game, it sounds like you did awesome, i really wish i could have been there! Keep up the good work buddy! Saturday night was also very hard, my dorm is the closest one the the BYU stadium, i couldnt hear the game but i could hear the crowd cheer and that almost killed me! I didnt find out the score til the next day…. what a disappointment, apperently all those cheers were from the utah fans!
We heard from Russel M Nelson last night, that was pretty cool, im still coughin a little bit and stuffy nose. I ll let you know about the new medacine. We had a big underground tie trading session last week, and i think i did pretty well! If anyone wants to send me some cool (ugly) cheap DI ties in the future that would be cool, but it can wait so dont send a special package for it! Its been a little different these last couple days, one of the other companionships is having trouble, the litte 130 lb missionary is scared for his life being with the 240 lb tongan with severe anger problems, so for the last couple days i have been a trio with them, orders from Branch pres.
Night time is fun, we decide to take time to unwind a little. I ve been playing a prank on the tongan, i steal his chair from the dorm, and put it back, so sometimes its there and sometimes it isn’t. he has no idea what is happening to his chair, the best part of it was i saw him looking for it under his bed last night! Jaja. Im glad i finally found some one to tease that gives me a reaction similar to Tylers!
So what i ve decided is in the email i ll tell you about the MTC and in the letter i lll answer questions
Spanish is coming along….. Im tryin not to stress about it too much. Well im out of time, expect a letter probably tommorrow!
Love ya’ll


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