Its me

hows everyone doing? Im just doing some laundry….
Its been a pretty good week, my cold is still hanging on but oh well. i Got my whole district sick too! Last night M Russel Ballard came and spoke, so that was cool, the day before i got here elder holland came so i missed out on that. We had three missonaries from our zone leave to some 4th world country last night, and it was pretty sad cause they were 3 of my best friends here. There is a tradition to sing god be with you til we meet again the night before they leave and that is pretty powerful. My comp only has long sleeve shirts right now so i ve had to too, and i only have 2 long sleeves in case you were wondering. I see Zac quite a bit, the prtugese are right next to us. its always good to see him!
We got a new teacher qalong with brother hollenbaugh, he is brother ball and is pretty cool, he plays HOckey for byu, they play utah state on friday. Andy i havent seen any elder synderggard  yet. Mom, are you sure i can wash my suit pants? it says dry clean only… is it the dirt bike or mountain bike? anything on mission bike? Dear elder hasnt been working sense friday, they are moving the mail room, so if you have sent anything sense then i havent gotten it. The harest part about spanish is the conjigations, they are horrile! i have heard from a couple of my friends, kenzie jordan emily klair and ryann, so thats good. Still wondering how football, work and pathy are doing… TY!? Im excited for the package! just to put on the list i could use 3 more pair of boxer breifs,and tooth brush case. Everyone always says how cool it is that the romanian sister is learning english and spanish, but no one tells me its cool, cause i am learning english and spanish too! Thats why i wanted an english grammer book, its easier to learn spanish when you know what the english stuff is! well i gotta go! Looking forward to all your letters! Talk to you next week! Love you all!

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