Dear family continued . . . (letter)

Sorry my e-mail was so disorganized, there is a little timer at the top that rushes you and stresses you out!

Dad- yes i am sick of the classroom! but during the afternoon classes is better because I sit by the window and use the reflection off my watch from the sun to bug people, so that keeps me entertained.

Andy- Congrats on the job! hopefully you can get some web design stuff in! My teachers are Brother Hollenbaugh, Ball and Jarmen. There are ten of us in the district, 6 elders 4 sisters. I hate the food, especially sitting all day. And thanks for the blog! I wish I could check it out! As far as the bumper goes, I think anyone with a welder could make it fit . . .

Mom- Yes i think I have seen everyone I know at the MTC, I see Zac quite a bit! but it is weird cause everyone I see looks familiar. I feel like I already know everyone . . .

I am enjoying my time here, even though I am very busy and feel like I don’t have any time to myself. I am trying my best to learn the language, but it is tough, especially sense everyone else has at least a little experience, and I don’t know anything!

How is everything with Tux? Do I have to dry clean my suit pants?

Well time to go!

love you all!

-Elder out

P.S. Ever wonder why costa vida has a surfing theme? costa vida – “coast life”

P.P.S – I want family picture!


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