can you beliece its already been a month!?…. oh wait, jaja
well everything is going pretty good now, the first few days were rough, everyone else in my class know at least a little spanish so i was very discouraged at first and felt like i was being left behind. but those first couple letters i got from you guys really helped me, more then you guys know. so THANK YOU!
The process of my brain during spanish is, English German spanish, and a lot of time my brain overloads and i dont know any language. But im studing every free second of my day. My comp, ekder Nadybal is cool, we get along great, my other two roomates, elder lewis and elder mardock are cool too, mardock is a a convert and only member in his family, he reminds me of the big guy off planes trains and automobiles (edited version of course)
Gym is my favorite part of the day, the first day we played kick ball and i got 4 homeruns! but ever sense then we have been playing sand volleyball! and there are some pretty intese rivalrys forming between the districts. My distrect has 4 sisters in it which is a lot, considering they are the only sisters in out zone, they are cool but a little clingy. they never let us eat by ourselfs. One of the sisters sprained her ankel and asked for a blessing from me and my companion, it went well except she is tongan and her name is literally a paragraph long! and another sister is from Romainia.
Mom- the medacine is doing its job i think, Thanks for your letters!
Dad- the medacine left a weird taste in my mouth for a while too
Andy- Thanks for the update and your advice
Jessi- That was the first dear elder i got, it was good to hear from you
Ty- Tell me about the game!! hows pathy?
ON sunday morning i woke up with a sore throat, and it just got worse from there, im feeling quite sick now, sore throat, cough, and STUFFY NOSE!
a couple questions… can i take my razor on the air plane! i heard no razors allowed, electric or not. DO i have to dry clean my suit pants?
its best if you write me through dear elder or letters cause i dont have much time on the comp
Oh and i could use a english grammer book, just something basic, and any kind of food is nice, candy crackers, all the food here is nasty!
Well i have a lot more to say but no time:( but i do know this is where i need to be, i feel more spiritual then ever and my testimony has grown a lot! I want to read the scriptures and pray as much as i can. Well i love you all so much, and cant wait to hear from you!

PS yo quiro taco bell means “i want taco bell”


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