First Day at the MTC

This morning we got the letter Elder Griffin wrote on his first night in the MTC. All spelling and grammar has been preserved :)

Guten tag!!
Well its a bit crazy today. I don’t remember much about what I’ve learned or who I’ve met. In my room three of us are going to baltimore, one to houston. My comp Elder Nadybal is pretty cool. We actually have a lot in common, he restores cars, likes sports, and is from the L.A area. Before he came here he worked on “Wipe out.” Night time is pretty cool, we have the party room right between the stairs and Bathroom. I’ve seen a lot of people I know, including Zac. I don’t like being the new kid and having everyone speaking Spanish at me. Oh and my comp Also likes Ice cream. Andy- Im not sure who my teacher is. By the way my driving record is in my Bag so everybody relax. I miss you all very much, and can’t wait to hear from everyone. If you start to miss me go play with Tux. Oh and I just remembered I forgot to clean my room, good luck, don’t lose anything!
Love you all

P.S. I hope I addressed this right :) :) :) :)

Siblings and Grandpa

On the curb at the MTC

One Comment

  1. So good to get that first letter, but it’s sure a long week inbetween. Glad he saw Zac … I wonder id he passed along Amy’s long hug! Thanks for the blog Andy, thus is great. Love the pictures too!


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